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Best NFT influencers on Twitter


See the best NFT influencers on Twitter – These are individuals who have extensive experience creating, collecting, or investing in NFTs on Twitter.

Twitter NFT influencers

People look to them for advice and guidance on navigating the NFT space. And many of them are adept at distilling complex topics into key insights that even the most inexperienced users can grasp.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a new type of digital asset created on blockchain networks.

We’re confident you’ve heard of NFT. Twitter, the section of the social media platform where accounts have bored ape profile images, postings are filled with talk of tokens, blockchains, and buying the dip, and Elon Musk is revered.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) may appear complicated to newcomers, but the good news is that you don’t need to read any books to understand what they are. You only need to go to Twitter.

Twitter has embraced NFTs, and earlier this year introduced a new feature that allows users to display their tokens as profile pictures.

It’s no surprise that the platform has a swarm of experienced NFT creators and enthusiasts.

Top NFT Influencers to Follow on Twitter

NFT influencers on Twitter are always willing to share helpful hints and promote each other’s work because they understand that success can only be achieved through collaboration.

As a result, if you want to take your projects to the next level, you should join the large NFT community on Twitter.

Gary Vaynerchuck

Vaynerchuk is well known for his early investments in companies such as Facebook and Coinbase, in addition to being a serial entrepreneur and social media influencer.

Vaynerchuk’s “VeeFriends” NFT collection consists of 10,255 nonfungible tokens that can be purchased using the cryptocurrency ethereum.


A karaoke-loving investor from Puerto Rico who is also a general partner of Delphi INFINFT, a crypto research and investment fund.


Pranksy, an early, pseudonymous NFT investor with a large following and collection, is one of the top hoarders of NBA Top Shots.

According to the person behind the avatar, NFTs are “the collectible equivalent” of taking “photos for their mantelpiece” for today’s digital natives.

Cozomo de’ Medici

Snoop Dogg’s alter ego has kept a close eye on several NFT initiatives and amassed a sizable collection.

He recently added three Rekt Guy NFTs to his collection. Snoop also tweeted about them with the hashtag “Got #Rekt,” ensuring that the relatively new initiative receives attention.

Following that, he made one of the Rekt NFTs his most recent Twitter PFP.


Punk6529 boasted to their 323,200 Twitter followers after launching a museum district with a long list of top NFTs that it might be “the most high-end art NFTs ever displayed in one place.”

Beanie Investor

Beanie was a well-known figure in the crypto/NFT community, consulting with NFT developers and running the now-defunct GM Capital VC fund.


Aftab Hossain is a tactical advisor and private investor in cryptocurrency and blockchain projects, with a particular emphasis on decentralized finance.


He develops blockchain products for some of the most well-known NFT artists, including Mad Dog Jones, Murat Pak, and Roger Dickerman.


Seed is a popular cryptocurrency and NFT entrepreneur who has recently begun a DJ career in order to further educate people on the potentials of blockchain technology.

Twitter NFT Influencers FAQ

Who is the best NFT promoters on Twitter?

Below are the lost of the top NFT Promoters on Twitter you can follow.

  • @garyvee (3.1M Followers)
  • @opensea (1.8M Followers)
  • @BoredApeYC (979.6K Followers)
  • @beeple (694.9K Followers)
  • @DeezeFi (232.1K Followers)
  • @farokh (300.9K Followers)
  • @CozomoMedici (263K Followers)
  • @punk6529 (382.5K Followers)

Who should I follow on Twitter for NFT?

There are quite a host of people to follow on Twitter for NFT projects. These include:

  • Sofson Group
  • Dribblie
  • Rac.eth
  • J1mmy.eth
  • OhhShiny
  • Crypto Baristas
  • RealmissNFT
  • DeezeFi
  • Farokh.

Who are the biggest NFT collectors on Twitter?

The biggest NFT collectors on Includes the following:

  • 888
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Sofson Group
  • Beanie. eth
  • DeeZe
  • Artchick
  • tommyk. eth
  • BoredApe1000
  • Matty

Why is Twitter important for NFT?

In the crypto and NFT communities, Twitter is the most important platform for relevance and exposure.

Twitter also attracts a diverse range of enthusiasts and has developed features to assist them, such as tipping with Bitcoin and displaying NFTs as profile photos.

Can I sell NFT on Twitter?

Youn can sell your Tweets as an NFT on any marketplace – valuables.

Tweets can be easily sold as NFTs. However, the chances of your NFT’s success are determined by the originality of your tweet, the thought behind your tweet, and how you priced it.

  • Create a Twitter account and send a tweet
  • Set up a Metamask Wallet
  • Create a Valuables Account (Even OpenSea, Rarible, etc)
  • Create and Mint Your NFT on the marketplace
  • Take the Offer received

How do I grow NFT community on Twitter?

Like, Comment, and Participate in Similar Web3 Projects

You want to make your presence known in communities similar to yours.

By establishing a presence, members of those communities may become NFT Twitter followers.