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11 Top NFT YouTube Channels to follow


Here is our Top NFT YouTube Channels to follow and learn about NFTs. These are not NFT YouTube promoters but creators and experts with knowledge to share.

NFT YouTube Channels

These are seasoned NFT YouTube channels that unveil great Non-Fungible Tokens contents either as creators themselves or enthusiast.

Only a small number of people are currently exposed to the NFT space, but within the next ten years it will undoubtedly become a common space.

There are thousands of NFT Youtubers who unveil and hype upcoming artwork projects. They are called NFT YouTube promoters – This article is NOT about those.

Neither is this research about NFT YouTube influencers who influence projects for a fee – No! (Though, some of these accounts can influence great projects to their followers)

The purpose of this content is to showcase the best NFT YouTube Channels that unveils great NFT related contents, projects and some might even tech you how to create your own NFTs for Free!

YouTube is the best source of audio-visual NFT updates. Though, if you really want your NFT updates in real time, you can checkout the Top NFT Twitter accounts to follow.

You will get access to important information before the mainstream media and YouTube by following the right YouTube account on NFT.

Anything digital, including images, drawings, photographs, artwork, and music, is now a subject of NFT.

The Ethereum blockchain network was used to build NFT, which is an original creation that cannot be reproduced. The owner of the NFT rights is the person who mint or purchased the NFT.

Top NFT YouTubers to Follow

A number of celebrities, artists, and YouTubers entered the NFT arena when Beeple sold his NFT for $69 million, which increased the value of the entire NFT ecosystem.

The NFT domain is just getting started, but within ten years it will be ingrained in our daily life and the sector will be worth over $1 trillion combined.

The NFT train should never be missed because it only comes around once in a lifetime.

You must comprehend what exactly an NFT is before investing in or developing one.

The below NFT YouTube channels will keep you informed about what is happening in the entire NFT ecosystem and can assist you in understanding what NFT is, how to get and mint NFT, and upcoming NFT projects of available.


The inventor of VeeFriends, a Gary’s NFT project centered on valuable intellectual property and an exceptional community, is Gary Vaynerchuk, founder of VaynerMedia.

One of the most important figure in the NFT sector is GaryVee, who encourages many YouTube stars and celebrities to join the profession.

Gary started his own NFT collection ‘VeeFriends’ in addition to talking about it.

Through the Vee Friends NFT launch, Gary made over $91 million in just 90 days. You can watch NFT for Beginners in 45 Minutes by Gary Vee if you’re just getting started.

Follow Gary Vee NFT YouTube Channel here

DCL Blogger

One of the first YouTube channels that focus on NFT spaces, NFT-related topics, bitcoins and the purchase of virtual real estate in Decentraland three years ago were discussed by DCL Blogger.

His channels include a wide range of topics, including collecting NFT Art, trading in it, flipping it, and even developing your own NFT series. With more than 22k YouTube followers, Matty has a sizable content and guides.

DCLBlogger regularly streams on YouTube, where viewers may leave comments with any queries on NFT or get in touch directly via Twitter.

Even the NFT Project, Metakey, was an invention of his. The Metakey is a single token that may be used on a variety of platforms to create avatars, game items, special in-game benefits, educational materials, access to virtual lands, and account discounts.

Follow DCLBlogger NFT YouTube Channel here

Max Maher

The Max Maher channel explains anything that may be used to generate income including NFTs.

His channel covers all investment linked to cryptocurrency, from discovering the next cryptocurrency coin to creating your own NFT collections.

The one-stop source for information on both crypto and NFTs is this channel.

Max Maher breaks down every single cryptocurrency and provides you with regular updates on the market’s developments as they relate to investments.

In addition to assisting you in discovering the next big thing in cryptocurrency, Max Maher also covers general topics on investing.

Follow Max Maher NFT YouTube Channel here

NFT Nate

NFTNate is a show hosted by Nate and approaches NFTs with an analytics perspective on trading and the art.

He provides in-depth analyses of every NFT project that enable you to recognize both the good and the poor in the NFT spaces, allowing us to correct these errors.

NFT Nate would be the best spot for you if you like to trade and flip NFTs.

Follow NFT Nate NFT YouTube Channel here


The entire BentoBoi channel is devoted to topics regarding NFT.

He opened up about all of his experiences and what he had discovered while inhabiting NFT environments.

He discusses a variety of topics, including Crypto Gaming, Pudgy Penguins, Crypto Punks, and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Follow BentoBoi NFT YouTube Channel here

Wilson Lee K

Entrepreneur Wilson K. Lee has a YouTube channel that covers everything from character development, smart contracts, and mint passes to creating an NFT.

He even started the smaller NFT projects that he had extensively detailed in hour-long videos.

You should absolutely check Wil’s tweets about how to develop a successful NFT series after they became somewhat semi-viral.

Follow Wilson Lee K NFT YouTube Channel here

Brett Malinowski

You will love Brett Malinowski’s channel to properly navigate the NFT areas that are somewhat grey.

He is a content creator for NFT Enthused and the mind behind the Magic Mushroom NFT projects.

You can discover the upcoming major NFT initiatives and learn how people make enormous income by simply selling NFT by watching and following his channel.

Follow Brett Malinowski NFT YouTube Channel here

NFT Verse

Everything pertaining to NFTs is covered in NFT Verse.

They discuss planned NFT projects, useful information regarding NFT, and recent NFT news.

The channel consistently produces excellent NFT-related updates, so it is certainly worth checking out.

Follow NFT Verse YouTube Channel here


The only channel that provides a thorough description of how to make your own NFTs is ReeceHunter, well, with the exception of a few platforms like the NFT category on Isaac Success.

He devoted his entire channel to explaining Solana NFT Marketplace and development.

His channel covers every stage of NFT creation, including constructing your NFT minting website and generating 10,000+ NFTs.

Follow ReeceHunter NFT YouTube Channel here

Dribbble NFT

Dribbble has a unique goal to create the best community in the world for creative artists to share, develop, and find work. Even outside the NFT community.

No matter what kind of creative professional you are, they support gamers and NFT creators to showcase your recent work, build your portfolio, and appreciate what you do.

Follow Dribbble NFT YouTube Channel here

Carl Hustle

A completely different kind of investing channel is Carl Hustle.

From developing your own NFTs to establishing a discord server for NFT projects, there are many ways to promote an NFT project for free.

Follow Carl Hustle NFT YouTube Channel here

These NFT YouTube channels can assist you in comprehending the entire NFT Ecosystem and all relevant NFT facts.

You should also follow a few NFT Twitter account, NFT Instagram Accounts and a few NFT Discord Servers so as to be well informed as you get exposed to more relevant information on Non-Fungible Tokens.