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Best 15 NFT Twitter Accounts To Follow


Here are the top NFT Twitter Accounts you can follow, these includes biggest NFT Influencers and official Twitter accounts of great brands.

NFT Twitter Accounts

Non-fungible tokens, often known as NFTs, have recently gained attention. What are NFTs?

Simply explained, NFTs are digital representations of assets that include ownership information and a unique, non-transferable identity to make token identification and transfers simple.

They are being discussed, purchased, and traded on a variety of social media channels. The top NFT Twitter Accounts are useful to better follow the Nft hype and filter what is real.

It’s critical for you to keep up with the most recent developments in the cryptocurrency industry before you purchase NFTs, as a novice or experienced trader of NFTs, or both. You have a better opportunity of been informed on Twitter.

How do I find the best NFT projects on Twitter?

Because of a fact, users can tweet updates at any time and from any location, makes them convenient and simple for everyone to follow.

Twitter offers a fantastic opportunity for you to do the above (Follow, Share, Get Informed, or Signals)

The majority of traders, advisors, and collectors use Twitter to talk about their most recent transactions and acquisitions, which gives you an idea of the judgments you should make to make sure you don’t lose any money.

Here are the 13 of the top NFT Twitter accounts you should follow to make wise trading decisions from now.


Beeple is one of the most well-known and significant NFT Twitter accounts thanks to his gathered following of over 695,000 followers.

He is a well-known NFT artist who has produced works of art that have sold for millions of dollars.

His followers receive daily updates on his ongoing projects, as well as his thoughts on other pieces of art and observations on news happenings in the NFT industry.

Follow Beeple Twitter account here


More than 300,000 people follow Sarmad on Twitter alone. He has developed a following for whom, together with other creators, he frequently hosts Twitter spaces.

He is also known for collecting various NFTs, such as Crypto Punks, Cool Cats, and Bored Apes.

Sarmad is most recognized for serving as the CEO of Goodlife Networking, a company that has a sizable following on various social media sites.

Follow Farokh Twitter account here


The largest online NFT marketplace, according to OpenSea, allows users to buy, sell, and discover works of art.

The OpenSea Twitter account helps distribute information about the market’s current level of awareness and investment dangers by educating users about NFTs and subjects related to NFT.

Follow OpenSea Twitter account here


IsaacSuccess.com is an NFT and Blockchain e-University and influencer who unveils different Blockchain Tech projects on its portal and Twitter account.

Very new but with amazing daily contents that won’t disappoint.

IsaacSuccess goes a step further to unveil trending artworks and rich articles on Web 3.0 to its fast growing followers.

This is a great place to start as a beginner or an expert that wants to keep informed on the diversity of Blockchain technology, learn how to grow and choose projects that are profitable.

Follow IsaacSuccess.com Twitter account here

Gary Vaynerchuck

One of the top NFT Twitter accounts to follow is Gary Vaynerchuck, who has over three million followers. VeeFriends, his own line of NFTs, has brought him millions of dollars.

He imparts to his followers useful knowledge on the principles of NFTs and how to choose projects that will bring them significant earnings.

He has a positive influence on newcomers because many artists in various spaces use his advice when making their own NFT purchases.

Follow Gary Vaynerchuck Twitter account here

Bored Ape Yacht Club

The most well-known and widely-discussed NFT project of 2021 is the Bored Ape Yacht Club, which is also the NFT sector’s fastest-growing business.

Though not a suitable platform for someone starting new with a budget, BAYC NFTs are the most popular in the NFT world

You can follow BAYC to have an idea of new happening and ideas in the NFT space with over 930,000 followers as at the time of writing.

Follow Bored Ape Yacht Club Twitter account here


With just over 230k followers, Deeze is one of the first people to collect Crypto Punks and a supporter of NFTs for the photography industry.

They serve as the community manager for the Fractional Art marketplace, which allows users to purchase, sell, and mint NFT fractions.

Follow Deeze Twitter account here


Beanie is among NFT Twitter accounts that have recently grown in the last few months to gather a large number of followers nearing two hundred thousand.

They are an advisor and investor in different NFT projects.

They invest in different NFT and DAO projects and provide valuable insight and take on different projects that may be helpful to new investors looking to get into NFTs.

They make investments in various NFT and DAO projects, offer insightful analysis, and take on various projects that could be beneficial to new investors wishing to participate in NFTs.

Follow Beanie Twitter account here

Andrew Wang

Writer Andrew Wang has appeared on a number of publications, including the Washington Post, Time Magazine, Insider, and others.

Additionally, with the use of his Twitter account, his followers may grasp and become familiar with the various complexities that surround the world of NFT purchasing and trading.

If you want to receive first-hand access to some insight on various NFT projects, this is an excellent page to follow.

Follow Andrew Wang Twitter account here


RealMissNFT is a well-known fan and advocate of NFT performers and artists.

She also writes a column that covers the key developments and highlights in the industry.

Her tweets express her opinions and provide encouragement for lesser accounts and artists.

She also offers information and updates on forthcoming and promising NFT collections.

Follow RealMissNFT Twitter account here

Packy McCormick

More than 94K subscribers receive Packy McCormick’s monthly, notboring.co, in which he analyzes the possibilities of various businesses and industries.

Strong supporter of the creator economy, NFT, Web3, and cryptocurrency.

He is the web3 advisor at a16z. More than 160k people follow Packy on Twitter.

Follow Packy McCormick Twitter account here

Cozomo de’Medici

With more than 260,000 followers on Twitter, Cozomo has developed into a well-known NFT collector and trader.

In the art space, they amass NFTs from various artists and with various themes.

They have one of the greatest collections of NFT art in the world and have worked with numerous celebrities to raise awareness of the NFT community and inspire others to make wise decisions.

Follow Cozomo de’Medici Twitter account here


DCinvestor is a fantastic NFT account to follow if you have been involved in the NFT industry for some time and are no longer a beginner.

They post a range of high-level, crypto-related thoughts and ideas on Twitter, some of which may be difficult for beginners to grasp.

They have one of the best NFT collections, which includes Chromie Squiggle, AutoGlyph, Ringers, and XCopy.

Their tweets inform followers about the significance of certain collections while also providing clarification about recent happenings in the industry.

Follow DCinvestor Twitter account here

Naval Ravikant 

Naval, who founded and currently serves as chairman of AngelList, has a strong commitment to the Web3, Crypto, and NFT communities.

One of the brightest minds in Silicon Valley and technology is Naval.

His How to Get Rich (without Getting Lucky) went viral and received more than 66.5K retweets and 180K likes on Twitter.

You may learn Web3 and crypto in addition to his philosophical outlook on life.

Follow Naval Ravikant Twitter account here


Chris Dixon, a partner at a16z, only tweets about Web3, cryptocurrency, and NFT.

You may get a behind-the-scenes look at the entire crypto and NFT industry by following Chris.

Chris has more than 763K followers, and his semi-viral tweet on Web3 has been liked by more than 30.1k people and retweeted more than 11.1 times.

Follow Chris Dixon Twitter account here

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