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15 Best NFT SubReddits to follow


Check out the best NFT SubReddits to follow as an NFTs Artists, Creator, Enthusiast or Investor for daily artworks, updates and signals.

NFT SubReddits Account

The best NFT SubReddits to follow on Reddit for trending NFT projects and upcoming NFTs artwork are discussed below.

When Beeple sold his NFT artwork for an astounding $69 million, and Cryptopunks were sold for more than a million dollars, non-fungible token (NFT) became phenomenal and mainstream.

At the moment, digital artworks, sports cards, and rarities make up great NFTs; See what is an NFT and How to Create an NFT from scratch.

You must be a part of the Reddit community and comprehend what is happening in the NFT ecosystem in order to discover the next big NFT artists/project and/or market your very own NFT projects.

Reddit is a fantastic resource for learning more about great NFT project, Airdrops, and giveaways as most NFT-related subreddit is open for everyone.

Best NFT SubReddits to follow

The greatest posts and projects from the best NFT subreddits are unveiled in this article. Here are the current best reddit accounts to follow about Top NFTs.

NFT SubReddit

For individuals who are newly showing interest in Non-Fungible Tokens, the NFT subreddit is the place to go. This subreddit only discusses NFTs and NFTs.

They discuss various NFT Projects, NFT Memes, and Gaming on this subreddit where they also share news and announcements on the NFT sector.

At the time of writing, more than 470K people were following the NFT subreddit, and they also have a Discord group.

You can even share your NFT giveaways and collections on this subreddit. The most active and thriving NFT community on Reddit is found on this NFT subreddit account.

Follow NFT SubReddit Account here

Cardano NFTs Subreddit

More than 16.6K people follow the CardanoNFT subreddit community, where they only talk about NFT and the CardanoNFT ecosystem.

Discussions on the market, new airdrops, news, developers ideas, collections, and art are common in the CardanoNFTs community.

Follow CardanoNFT SubReddit Account here


A location where you may buy, sell, advertise, and learn more about NFTs – NFTsMarketplace subreddit.

If you’re an NFT creator, artist, or collector, this is the place for you.

You can easily share your story here, and this is one of the only place to meet people who genuinely appreciate your work.

In this subreddit, people mainly spoke about NFT games, memes, inquiries, news, and even educational NFT content.

More than 255k people currently follow the NFT marketplace.

Follow NFTsMarketplace SubReddit here


OpenSea is the world’s first and largest NFT marketplace where you can buy, trade, and manufacture a wide variety of NFTs, including domain names, game items, and artwork.

More than 160K people subscribe to the OpenSea subreddit as at the time of writing, where they discuss the popular and upcoming NFT’s innovations and giveaways.

To properly grasp what is happening in the biggest NFT marketplaces and how that relates to what is actually happening in the NFT ecosystem, you should follow the OpenSea subreddit.

Follow OpenSea SubReddit here


More than 75K users follow the NFTExchange subreddit, where they discuss and exchange general information on Non Fungible Tokens, including the trading of NFT.

You can find information about awesome NFTs and popular giveaways on NFTExchange.com.

If you created an NFT, you can share it in these subreddit account since they are an appropriate avenue to get exposure to your artwork.

Follow NFTExchange SubReddit here


More than 12K people subscribe to the CryptoArt community on Reddit, where they discuss and share NFT- and cryptographic art.

This is a subreddit dedicated to artists where users can interact, share work, and work together.

The subreddit’s header lists featured artists and conversation threads.

Follow CryptoArt SubReddit here

NFT Giveaway

You may find free NFT giveaways in the NFTgiveaway subreddit. More than 35.5K users currently follow this subreddit.

In this subreddit, new NFT giveaways take place frequently.

If you are considering participating in an NFTGiveaway, you can follow this subreddit.

Follow NFTGiveaway SubReddit here


The Ethereum Blockchain powers the community-run Metaverse and virtual reality environment known as Decentraland.

More than 87K people subscribe to the Decentraland subreddit, where they discuss anything pertaining to Decentraland and the virtual reality environment.

They hold weekly MANA meetings where they discuss recent events in the Decentraland ecosystem.

Follow Decentraland SubReddit here

Axie Infinity

Similar to Pokemon, you can grow a fictional monster called Axie in the game Axie Infinity.

You can also trade, breed, buy, and sell Axie in the marketplace of Axie Infinity.

More than 103K people subscribe to the Axie Infinity subreddit community, where individuals post about their gaming, personal experiences, and strategy.

Follow Axie Infinity SubReddit here


On the community-driven platform known as The Sandbox Gaming, creators can produce and sell voxels ASSETS and gaming services.

There are more than 16.8K members of the SandboxGaming community, where they frequently share their stories, projects, experiences, news, and knowledge of The Sandbox.

Follow TheSandboxGaming SubReddit here


More than 9K people are part of the community NFTmaret, where members talk shop and trade NFT tokens.

This is the ideal subreddit for you if you intend to advertise your NFTs.

You can also learn about the latest NFTs that are offered on the industry. You will learn about a wide range of topics, including NFT Arts and NFT’s gift.

Follow NFTMarket SubReddit here


A group of forward-thinking artists have come together as Foundation.

Foundation is set to experiment and study the NFT area both now and future.

More than 6K people subscribe to the current foundation subreddit, where you may find all kinds of artists, creators, and collectors who would want to support your work.

Follow Foundation SubReddit here


Over 7.5K people follow the NFTstocks.

NFTstocks subreddit, which serves as a central location for all NFT-related stocks.

If you want to locate the next big NFT collections, you may want to follow this subreddit where they discuss all new NFT collection.

Follow NFTStocks SubReddit here


The blockchain-secured marketplace Rarible allows you to manufacture and sell digital collectibles.

There are more than 14.1K people that subscribe to the Rare subreddit. Here, the majority of community members talk about their NFT initiatives.

This is the subreddit you should follow if you’re an NFT creator who wants to list your NFT project in Rarible.

Follow Rarible SubReddit here


NiftyGateway collaborates with top brands and artists to produce a line of NFTs that are only sold on their platform and are available in limited quantities.

To stay updated on events in the NFT ecosystem, particularly those that affect the NiftyGateaway marketplace, you can follow NiftyGateaway.

The NiftyGateway subreddit has more than 5.3K subscribers.

Follow NiftyGateway SubReddit here

Solana NFTs

This entire subreddit is dedicated to Solana NFT and the information they offer focuses on everything that occurs within their ecosystem.

They solely talk about Solana NFTs, the forthcoming drops, Airdrop news regarding the Solana NFT ecosystem, and general NFT talk.

Follow SolanaNFTs SubReddit here

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