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Top 10 NFT Photographers to Follow


Here are top 10 NFT Photographers to Follow on Twitter and Instagram for their NFT artworks.

NFT Photographers and Creators

Here is our pick of the top NFT Photographers to follow on Twitter and Instagram for their amazing NFT artworks and suggestions.

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Digital assets that are hosted on the blockchain are known as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT).

NFT can be of any type of digital media, including audio, video, text, images, and photography.

NFT becomes a buzzword in 2021, and digital artworks sell for millions of dollars.

If you are still not familiar with the concept of NFTs, you can see this guide on ‘what are NFTs and how do they work?

Many NFT projects, such as Cryptopunk and Bored Ape Yacht Club, see millions of transactions per day on their NFTs alone.

NFT Photography is expected to become mainstream if not already.

Many well-known photographers use NFT to promote their artwork.

To create your first NFT photography, you don’t have to be a world-class photographer. See this guide on how to mint NFTs on OpenSea.

Top 10 NFT Photographers

NFT Photography is still in its early stages. We have compiled a list of the best NFT Photographers which is frequently updated.

Justin Versano

Justin Versano is an artist, curator, and the creative director of SaveArtSpace, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating an urban gallery experience.

Justin connects his art by photographing moments, faces, and communities as unveiled by Isaac Success.

Twin Flames – Collection of 100 Twin Portraits could be said to be an NFT collection by Justin Versano which is also the most traded NFT Photography collection currently.

Justin is also a co-founder of the NFT-focused project Quantum NFT. Quantum is the first on-chain platform dedicated solely to photographers.

Follow Justin Versano on Instagram and Twitter.

Rizacan Kumas

Rizacan is an Istanbul, Turkey-based photographer where he resides temporarily (according to him).

For four years, he was an official Fujifilm workshop trainer in Turkey.

His photography projects “Crossing the Silk Road” cover life today in the many Asian countries along the trading route.

Lost Paradise is a collection of 70 items about Urmia Lake in Iran.

Panoramic Portraits is an NFT Photographic collection on OpenSea.io that spans four years and includes photographs from all over the world. See how to mint your own NFT for free on OpenSea.io

Rizacas Kumas can be found on Twitter and Instagram.

Wu, Reuben

Reuben Wu is a NatGeo Contributor and multidisciplinary visual artist.

He has worked for companies such as Apple, Audi, and National Geographic.

His works can be found in the permanent collections of the Guggenheim Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and The Museum of Modern Art.

His collection is available at OpenSea and SuperRare.

Reuben Wu can be found on Instagram and Twitter.

Drifter Shoots

Drifter Shoots Aka Isaac Wright is a six-year Army special operations veteran who began taking photographs to cope with depression.

His photography is daring, and it mostly depicts the top of the Skyscraper.

Where My Vans Go is an NFT Photographic collection of 116 iconic images created over a three-year journey across the United States.

Drift Shoots’ journey from the tops of skyscrapers and bridges is documented in his collections.

Drifter Shoots Artwork is available on both Superrare and Foundation.

Follow Drifter Shoots on Instagram and Twitter.

Ratcliff, Trey

Trey Ratcliff is a travel photographer and the owner of the world’s most popular travel photography blog.

Beautiful Cities of the World is a photography NFT Collection comprised of 50 images from some of the world’s most beautiful cities.

Over the last decade, his photography collections have covered seven continents and have received over 150 billion views.

Workship is a photography collection featuring over ten images from holy sites around the world.

Trey Ratcliff can be found on Instagram and Twitter.

Rubens, Eric

Eric Rubens is a photographer / videographer based in southern California who enjoys traveling around the world.

Conde Nast Traveler named him the Top Instagram Travel Account, and Business Insider named him the Top Instagram Travel Account.

His NFT Project Ocean Intersection Photography is a collection of 50 images.

You can follow Eric Rubens on Instagram and Twitter.

Krugman, Dave

Dave Krugman, a Brooklyn-based photographer, was one of the early waves of photographers who pushed NFT photography to new heights.

DRIVE which is an NFT photography Collection comprised of 111 vehicles photographed over a ten-year period of street photography.

Dave Krugman can be found on Instagram and Twitter.

Raglin, Jacob

Jacob Riglin, a British photographer, has traveled the world to capture his favorite moments in some of the most beautiful cities, including Prague, NYC, Bali, New York, and Dubai.

His NFT collection World Wonder on Opensea consists of 50 images shot in 50 different countries, each of which features some of the most iconic locations in that country.

Michael Yamashita

Micheal Yamashita has been a National Geographic photographer for over 30 years.

He has over 16 photography books and two documentary films to his credit.

He has received numerous awards from the National Press Photographers Association and the Asian American Journalists Association.

The Four Seasons of Jiuzhaigou is an NFT Photographic collection that covers the most photogenic spots in China’s Jiuzhaigou.

You can access him on Instagram and Twitter.

Vier Bottzzini

Vier Bottzzini is an Italian Fine Art landscape photographer who is passionate about the wondrous landscapes of our planet’s beauty.

His work has been viewed millions of times and has appeared in almost every major photography magazine.

Shades of Blue is a collection of 40 items that explore and cover the deeper aspects of the human soul.

Voice of Oceans is a collection of 30 NFT photographs that depict the way the ocean lives, breathes, and moves, as well as its power and energy. This collection encompasses seven years of photography.

Life Behind is a set of 24 items that feature glamorous images of houses reflected in canals.

His other NFT photography collection can be found at Foundation and Makersplace.

Vier Bottzzini can be found on Instagram and Twitter.

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