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36 Popular NFT Jargons and Slang


Here are 36 popular NFT Jargons and Slang meanings for all those that are new to the Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) world.

NFT Jargons and Slangs for Beginners

Most NFT Jargons are slangs from enthusiast who spend the bulk of their online presence on Twitter and Telegram.

When you start interacting with fellow NFT community, you start hear specific lingo and jargon that are interchange among Web3, Crypto, and NFT enthusiast.

It will be quite confusing to follow and grasp for new members of Web 3.0.

This guide will outline almost all slangs that has been used among NFT users on Telegram and Twitter.

GM (good morning)

GM simply means “good morning”. This is a simple greeting term we use to each other because we are a friendly global community. It’s used amongst friends as you start each new day.

GN (good night)

GN simply means “good night”. Also a popular way of saying rest well at the end of each day. It’s great to say good night to your friends at the end of each day (24 hours).

Generative ART

Algorithmically Generated Art. These are arts that have been algorithmically Generated and gets minted in real-time.


ArtBlocks is an important platform for generative art with three collections namely “Curator” (ABC), “Factory” and “Playground”.


Larvalabs are the creators of punks, autoglyphs, and meebits. They are currently one of the pioneers and leading creators of NFTs.


This is every crypto enthusiast backup career plan in case things didn’t go as planned on the Web 3.0 journey. “I just got liquidated, applying now to McDonalds”


This simply means ‘Profile picture’. This refers to all those NFT Images we use as profile images These includes punks, apes NFT, dogs, monkeys, cats, skeletons, etc.

These PFP can be used on our Discord and Twitter profiles.

Looks Rare

The Rarity of an NFT is often a driver of value.


(The Fear of Missing out) – This is buying an NFT or Crypto asset due to the afraid of missing out on the next big thing. I FOMOed into Punks and I don’t know why.


This is the direct opposite of FOMO. When you fail to buy an NFT because of one’s earlier error of not FOMOing at 1/10th the price.

Ser (“sir”)

Ser simply means “Sir”. It is a way to introduce oneself or perhaps share an opposite view point.

Fren (“friend”)

Fren simply means “friend” – An easy way of saying the English word friend.


This is the act of issuing a piece of art on the blockchain for the first time. This is done either by the artist or the collector. 


This is online marketplace for art issued on the Tezos blockchain. It is made up of a huge  interesting and inexpensive NFTs and said to be one of the argued about marketplace website.

1/1 of X

Let’s play these out in words. Punks are 1/1 of 10,000. Fidenzas is 1/1 of 999. Each one is unique and belong to a whole collection in contrast to the 1.1 art ratio.

Right Click Save As 

The concept of easily saving an Image and make it your own to non-NFT fans . The logic can be a jab though. 

Floor price

This is the lowest available market price on OpenSea, Rarible, Binance, etc. “Punk is currently at 12ETH”


Means “Gonna Make it” / “We All Gonna Make it”

This Isa delight future phase when everyone understands our JPGs (NFTs) the way we do. “CZ” just bought a punk. WAGMI


Acronym for “Not Going to Make it”

This can easily be used in a self-deprecating way about your financial decision, often a bad one.  “I Sold a Punk for 5ETH. NGMI”.


The literal meaning comes to play. This is short for “few understand”. ‘Isaac bought a punk. Few’

Gas or Gas Wars

This happens when everybody want to mint an NFT that just got released at the same time. NFT twitter hypes often drives up the gas price on the whole Ethereum network. Gas wars will always continue until there is a permanent solution.


Ded is short for saying dead or deceased. I sold my Punk for 5ETH. Ded.


Rug simply means ‘rug pulled’.

This has been popularized Twitter Crypto sphere especially associated with lots of DEFI projects where they get pumped and dumped within a short timeframe.It is most often used for developers who run away from their project or dump their project after making a quick bucks.

1:1 Art

Art where each NFT is Unique (1 of 1) .

When an art is rare or very rare then the term 1:1 art is used. This simply means that the NFT is unique and there is only one of its kind or very few distinctive attributes that is particular to this art.


Szn means season which means market cycle.

Crypto szns are accelerated IRL seasons. NFT szns are accelerated crypto seasons. Might last as little as 1-4 weeks.

IRL (In Real Life)

IRL is an acronym for ‘In Real Life’, and the world beyond OpenSea, Twitter, and Discord. 

Up Only

This slang was popularized by @Cryptopathic for ETH. It is everyone’s hope for NFT prices as opposed to ‘Down Only’.


This could mean the available ETH in your wallet to buy JPGs or NFT or mint an art.


OG slang means original gangster. This was borrowed from the acronym Original Gangster which was popular all through the 1900s hip hop era


Alpha is a slang that was borrowed from the wildlife and wall street. This is based on performance skills and ability to lead a movement.


JPGs simply means NFTs that are JPGs. Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) are standard file format for compressing pictures which can be easily stored or sent to a third party.


Delist means to hide or remove. You can be compelled to Delist your NFTs from Opensea or Rarible.Though, in a decentralized system, this is almost impossible except you don’t own the platform. 


Discord is a messaging platform just like Telegram heavily used by NFT users. Most NFT project communities have a discord server. 


The set of activities an NFT project (usually PFP) will plan to add value to a community. Roadmaps are viewed as desirable in PFP projects and insulting to ask for in art projects. Needs some care to not accidentally violate securities laws.


LFT is an acronym for Let’s F**ing Go. This is often used when you are excited about something and best used with rocked emojis on Telegram.


A messaging platform that has come to Great recognition by NFT faithfuls due to the ability to launch bots to perform certain tasks like distribution of Airdrops, collection of data, etc unlike other messaging platforms.


OpenSea is currently the largest marketplace for NFTS. You can buy, store and sell your NFTs on OpenSea.