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Top 11 NFT Instagram Accounts to follow


Here are the Best NFT Instagram accounts to follow for great NFTs insight, upcoming projects and events from artists and creators.

NFT Instagram Accounts and Influencers

Instagram is a great place to start your NFT project hunt. Here are some great NFT Instagram accounts you might find useful.

A marketplace like Opensea has experienced a huge upsurge in popularity and is now processing billions of dollars’ worth of transactions every day.

NON-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have seen a huge rise in popularity throughout 2021.

Instagram and Reddit, two social media companies, are investigating NFT spaces. Even the co-founder of Reddit establishes a $200 million web 3.0 fund.

You need to be exposed to the appropriate information, which is essential for making a wonderful investment in finding and minting a correct NFT project.

Best NFT Instagram Accounts to follow

These are currently the top NFT Instagram profiles and influencers making the rounds online. This are great source of inspiration for the Top NFT Photographers.

The list will be updated to include the top NFT accounts as the sector develops.

Some will continue to pay attention to the news, while others will concentrate on highlighting and promoting artists. Whatever the case, there is something for everyone, and now is a great time to be active in the space.

Top cryptocurrency brands including eToro, ShapeShift, OKEx, CoinStats, Cosmos, and others have seen growth and exposure thanks to Instagram influencers, community management, publishers, PPC, and SEO.

We can leverage these NFT Instagram accounts to predict the next big thing on NFTs.


Within 4 months of the Instagram page’s introduction, The Metaverse Instagram account has accumulated more than 807k followers (at the time of writing).

Because they continuously provide high-caliber content, this page and account is becoming more popular by Wave and Rpnickson (founders)

Wave has prior experience creating artistic Instagram profiles, such as @bestceleberations and @culture.

Rpnikson is the founder of MuseWorks, a digital product studio specializing in developing artistic apps. His photography is available on the open sea under the name NFT Lost Serenity.

The Metav3rse Instagram page exhibits years of experience and knowledge they have amassed collectively.

The Metav3rse Instagram page stands out in part because they share tweets about NFT with a large shout-out in the NFT space in lovely Instagram Carousel format.

Following this page will help you grasp NFT Jargons and web3 concepts in general.

Follow Metave3rse Instagram account here.

NFT Lately

The most popular NFT newsletter’s Instagram account is NFT Lately.

A excellent spot to follow NFT news, drops, and more is on their Instagram account.

Follow NFT Lately Instagram account here.

NFT News

The basic account NFT news concentrates on breaking business news.

This account supports NFT projects followups, releases, and auctions for trading cards.

They occasionally hold giveaways and competitions where a lucky winner may take home NFTs. They currently have around 2000 posts and over 43 000 followers.

Follow NFT_News Instagram account here.


The account NFT.charts is dedicated to covering the market price of NFTs and the factors that affect it.

For instance, they will cover the financial performance of well-known tokens like Rarible as well as the involvement of celebrities like Jay-Z in NFTs.

Follow NFT.charts Instagram account here.


You should never miss out on this Instagram page if you are an NFT space.

More than 1 million people follow the NFT Instagram feed.

Mark Cuban, a billionaire investor and ardent supporter of cryptocurrencies and NFT in general, is the owner of the NFT page. He has amassed thousands of NFTs on Opensea alone.

NFT Insta provides useful information on NFT, as well as news updates and educational materials that are sufficient to get started in the NFT sector.

You can ensure that you never miss any crucial information by simply following their NFT Instagram account.

Their distinctiveness comes from their extensive presence across all social media.

Follow NFT Instagram account here.


The future of CryptoArt, a market network ruled by creators, collectors, and curators, is Superrare.

More than 312K users follow the Superrare Insta page, and they frequently share Crypto Arts that are offered for sale.

Each post included a full explanation of the purpose of each NFT work as well as its ETH price.

Follow Super Rare Instagram account here.


NFT insider is yet another Instagram feed devoted to news and announcements about the NFT sector.

Follow their Instagram page to stay up to date on NFTs. They have more than 150K followers on Instagram as at the time of writing.

One great feature of NFTinsider is that they offer a detailed description of each post, much like a blog post.

The blog-like summary aids you to better understand every project posted.

Follow NFTInsider Instagram account here.


The CEO of Vaynermedia and Vaynersports as well as one of the original investors in Coinbase, Venmo, and Twitter is Gary Vaynerchuk.

Gary has had a significant impact on NFT as a whole. He is the one who forces YouTubers into NFT areas, like Logan Paul and others.

Gary doesn’t just provide NFT stuff; his content covers the entirety of entrepreneurship and business-related topics. Gary NFT-related content is great.

He is the instigator of Veefriends, a Gary NFT project centered on remarkable community and important intellectual property. Veefriends NFT ventures generated almost 91 million dollars in profit for Gary in just 90 days.

Follow GaryVee Instagram account here.


More than one million people follow Nft.money.

They share educational materials about NFTs, the most recent industry news, Solana marketplace and interesting NFT projects that are being launched before gaining traction.

@ecommerce mentor, @wealth, and @riches are already owned by the same people that run nft.money.

Follow NFT Money Instagram account here.


One of the largest NFT marketplaces in the globe is Rarible, and their account frequently highlights some of the best-selling items from the store.

Fans should definitely check out this account because they have a little bit of everything, whether it be music or art, Solana NFT Wallets, etc.

The account has about 270 posts and 289k followers.

They also feature stories on every sort of NFT sold on the website because it is a marketplace.

Follow Rarible Instagram account here.


NFTnext unveils itself as the best source of NFT projects and real-time updates on the NFTs currently being distributed on the blockchain.

There is a ton of awesome content on this page, from songs to videos, and the page is run by an actual musician who includes NFTs in his name.

At the time of writing, it had 25k followers and approximately 110 posts.

Follow NFTNext Instagram account here.

These are the top NFT Instagram Accounts to follow and you can also learn How to Create NFT Arts for free.

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