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10 Best NFT Discord Servers for Beginners


NFT Discord Servers are great messaging tool used by NFT enthusiast to promote and discover new arts. See the top NFT discord for beginners.

What is an NFT Discord Server?

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NFT Discord is a great communication tool for voice, video, and text service used by millions of people to interact and build a community.

Some NFT projects use Discord to build their community called servers.

NFT builders can use Discord groups for announcement, support, updates, and help around the NFT Projects.

This mode of communication helps the NFT projects to create a community around their NFTs project. Most discord NFT servers are totally free to join.

Why you should Join an NFT Discord Community?

As a beginner on the NFT journey, joining the right NFT Discord community will give you the right eyes and ears on what is happening in various community.

NFT Discord communities is the discussion joint for NFT Collectors, NFT Programmer, NFT artists, NFT Trader, and NFT Investor to collaborate and relate.

Therefore, joining a Discord NFT community will be a benefit that could help you to find the next big NFT projects, and collaborate with fellow NFT Collectors, and members.

If you are into NFT or exploring like we are, you probably be interested in the best NFT Discord Servers to follow.

All the Discord Server below have their strength and unique attributes.

Most NFT discord servers picked below are perfect for those who are new to NFTs and Discord.

Before joining some of these Discord channels, you might face a brief necessary verification process. 

This verification process enables Discord server to weed out any spam or bots from taking over real discussions. 

How to Join an NFT Discord?

Below, we have outlined some steps involved in  joining an NFT Discord Group or server. 

Create a Discord Account:

  • Create your Discord by visiting Discord.com and download the apps on your devices either from Apple Store or PlayStore.
  • Once you are done with the above download, proceed to create an account on Discord.
  • There are three ways of accessing your discord account – web, mobile application and desktop application.

Join an NFT Discord Server

  • You can easily find the NFT Project’s discord link on the NFTs official website, Portal or on their Social media handles.
  • Join the discord server by clicking on the Discord link provided.
  • You might need to agree before joining most Discord servers even as you agree to the sever rules and captcha verification to  prevent bots or spam.

Top NFT Discord Servers for Beginners


As a first timer in the NFT space, the NFT Discord and Instagram page are starting point to understand NFT Jagons and Slangs.

The current NFT discord has over 20k members, and its official Instagram handle has over 500k+ followers.

Both platforms offers the latest happenings in the NFT world and a great place to stay updated. 

For all Artist and NFT creators, the NFT Discord has an “IG Feature” channel where you can submit your project and get mentioned on their Instagram handle.

Join NFT Discord Server Here


Dribblie is the first play-to-earn blockchain football game that promises up to $100 a day by doing what you love!

The simple concept of Win matches and collect trophies, or complete quests are just a few ways users can earn while playing.

You can join Dribblie Discord for more on their game and Q1, Q2, Q3 & Q4 NFT release.

Meta Generation

Meta Generation discord is a new project for networking and education within Web3.

Meta Generation is broken into Seasoned Web3 Veteran and New to Web3 project.

Meta Generation is currently starting but has a strong and well driven roadmap.


Enter.art itself is an NFT marketplace that is powered by the utility token NFTART.

Enter.art focuses on education through their website. Enter Discord on the other hand focuses on artists that list through their website.

This with a whole host of informative will get you up to speed on all things NFT.


Rarible Discord happens to be the second most popular marketplace for NFTs.

We have seen a host of the most significant NFT projects launched there by artists, investors, and developers.

The Rarible marketplace boasts of projects like MekaVerse, Cryptoadz, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Creature World, and more.

Their portal has an array of educational material, and its Discord channel is a great starting point for anyone interested in NFTs.  

Rarible has open discussions within their “Stages” channel which includes topics around Rarible enhancements, art and new features.


OpenSea is currently the best NFT Marketplace for developers and boasts of an API, SDK, and developer tutorials for all.

The OpenSea Discord server boasts of an active News channel with information from OpenSea’s Twitter account and platform.

OpenSea also has a Community-Help channel for members to assist and provide answers to general or complex questions.


Nouns happens to be one of the more innovative projects and a must follow by NFT Enthusiast.

The average price of Noun is high but a great one to follow due to their mission and governance concept in the NFT space.

These are the best NFT discord servers and communities. We will keep adding and updating this discord server list with new projects.