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My Neighbor Alice Review – Facts, Guide


My Neighbor Alice is a virtual multiplayer builder game on the Ethereum Blockchain with millions of players and lovers.

Initial releaseMarch 2021
Maximum Supply100M ALICE
Total Supply100M ALICE
TypeVirtual World, NFT
Official Websitemyneighboralice.com

What is My Neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice is a game that is motivated by Animal crossing.

How to Start – On ALICE ecosystem, players (multiplayer) can buy virtual islands and own virtual lands, meet friends and even build an Island collectively.

In- game assets of various kinds can be owned through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

What is ALICE?

Alice’s is the native token/currency of My Neighbor Alice.

There are different functionalities of ALICE which can be used both in-game and asset purchase.

This includes the following:

  • In-game currency: Alice has a marketplace where the Alice Token/coin can be used
  • Staking: You can stake ALICE tokens to earn a commission on the sale of plots, assets and transaction fees.
  • Governance: Individuals can participate in the day to day governance of My neighbor Alice.

Things to note about My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)

There is a lot of possibilities to fantasize with My Neighbor Alice.

There are just a few NPCs on the ALICE island with great room for improvement.

While running the game, you can choose your Avatar and customize your land to taste.

Animal Crossing fans and game lovers will also enjoy this.

Virtual islands is an aspect of My Neighbor Alice game infrastructure.

Players via the game are able to purchase plots of land from Alice in the marketplace. Note that, a piece of land on Alice is represented in the form of a NFT tokens.

Players are represented by Avatar which can be customized. Items like houses, animals, fences, plants, etc can be traded on the marketplace.

There are also reports of proposed community centered council which will see the creation of community-created activities and events.

Our Views and Prediction

There are a lot of Metaverse games out there and the competition is quite steep.

ALICE will need to bring a lot of development and creativity alongside it’s current amazing visuals to stay at the top.

With the ability to choose your Avatar and cross breed your animals, this could be a potential game for the ages.