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Top NFT influencers on Instagram


Looking for the top NFT Instagram influencers to follow? NFT influencers on Instagram give artwork ideas and promote Non-Fungible Tokens.

Best NFT influencers on Instagram

As a potential buyers, NFT holders, and traders receive leveraging followership in the NFT niche or industry.

An NFT Instagram influencer is a regular Instagram user who has amassed a large network of devoted followers who regard the influencer as a credible authority on the topics they discuss and the products they promote.

The top NFT influencer on Instagram and the top 10 NFT influencers on Instagram are discussed in today’s guide.

Some factors should be considered before selecting any one of the top NFT influencers on Instagram.

Some of these factors include the influencer’s post engagement, rate and the relevance of the influencer’s followership to NFTs and the crypto space.

The following is a list of the top NFT Instagram influencers.


Beeple is Instagram’s Most Followed NFT Influencer. Beeple is widely regarded as the most followed NFT influencer on Instagram and one of the top NFT influencers on Instagram this year.

He has a solid following of 2,500,000 users as of July.

Beeple is an American artist and visionary NFTs marketer who drew widespread attention to how profitable an NFT investment can be by selling his NFTs for a record price of $69 million in cryptocurrency.

Snoop Dogg

Yes, Snoop Dogg has decided to enter the NFT arena, and he is enjoying himself.

He admitted to keeping digital tokens under a fictitious name, totaling $17 million in NFT holdings.

Snoop Dogg’s primary goal in the NFT realm is to turn Death Row Records into the first NFT music label. He is an influential figure who has inspired many others to join the NFT scene.

One man even paid millions of dollars to live in Snoop Dogg’s metaverse entity.

Kirsten Collins

Kirsten Collins is a well-known female NFT Instagram influencer.

Kirsten Collins is a singer and songwriter known for her vocal style of soul and pop music, and she has 170,000 Instagram followers as of July, which she uses for NFT influencing.

Kirsten is indeed one of the best NFT influencers on Instagram, best known for her “NOVA OF LIGHT” NFT collection, which consists of 100 pieces cast in digital Ethereum artwork for sale.

Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose manages to combine his lifestyle as an entrepreneur as well as partner at a Venture Capital firm with NFT influencing on Instagram.

This unlikely combination of careers may be what propels Kevin Rose to the top of the NFT influencers on Instagram. Kevin Rose has a total of 139,000 followers.


Elliot Wainman’s alias is EllioTrades. – He is one of Instagram’s Best Crypto Investor And NFT Influencer.

This reputable cryptocurrency investor uses his YouTube subscription to promote NFT projects to his 507,000 Instagram followers.

EllioTrades created his Instagram account to serve as a resource hub.


Farokh – Most Influential Builder-Enthusiast NFT Influencer In Instagram.

Farokh has established himself as a popular NFT influencer on Instagram, with 235,000 followers as of June.

Farokh’s NFT portfolio includes collections from the Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks.

Farokh regularly challenges his followers to share information about their collections, and these posts result in one-of-a-kind interactions between him and thousands of followers.


Nath is a Photography-Savvy NFT Instagram Influencer. Nathan Head is a photographer and one of the most popular NFT influencers on Instagram in with 108,000 followers.

Nathan Head’s first project influenced by NFT was his “Flavors of Summer” collection, which debuted on April 3, 2021.

Nathan Head’s photography enlivens his NFT readers with vibrant colors that complement the artwork.


Gmoney is also another key NFT influencer to follow if you want to stay up to date on the NFT scene.

He is well-known for his knowledge and advice, and he assists a number of artists, businesses, and collectors in their efforts to establish themselves in the NFT market.

GMoney, an early supporter of CryptoPunks, spearheaded Visa’s critical effort to acquire a distinct mohawk Pun.

In the crypto world, he’s also known for his anonymous character, which is represented by one of Larva Labs’ 24 punk apes.

He made headlines after spending $150k on his NFT avatar, CryptoPunk 8219.


Calvin is arguably one of the best music-Savvy NFT Instagram Influencer. Calvin Spiethfel is an NFT influencer with over 1,700,000 Instagram followers.

Calvin uses his large Instagram following to promote NFT projects and publicize Web3, which he is extremely passionate about. Calvin has a sizable following on Tiktok, with over 152 million views on his uploaded videos.


NFT Influencer And Metaverse Land Trader In Instagram, Matty is a builder and is among the top NFT Instagram influencers.

Given that he is a metaverse land baron, he used his 231 000 Instagram followership for NFT influencing, particularly regarding how profitable NFTs are as a digital marketplace.

In addition to being an Instagram NFT influencer, Matty trades NFTs for profit and collects digital assets for a living, which he believes is a profitable way to make a living.

Sofson Group

This prominent NFT Instagram Influencer
is an information hub as well as a top NFT Instagram influencer.

Sofson Group just launched a new Instagram account @SofsonGroup and aims at building followers and is known as one of the top NFT influencers on the web because it holds educational sessions to educate followers on NFT pricing, NFT use cases, and utility.


Medved is the nickname of American entrepreneur and journalist Matthew Medved. Medved is a business owner with a strong interest in NFT and Web3.

He is one of the top NFT influencers on Instagram. Medved co-founded and now serves as CEO of NFT, a Web3 company with a distinct focus on NFT coverage and curation.