New Year Tip | How to Make Money Everyday Of the Year 2018

New Year Tip | How to Make Money Everyday Of the Year 2018

It has come to that time of the year when people tend to write goals, resolutions and To do list that end up as trash in the cause of the year. Have been there anyways but believe me, if you want results you have to do things in a different way this time. You want to get the most out of the year 2018? Here is my New Year tips on how to make money everyday of the the year 2018.

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Well it is a fact that everyone want more money, and in turn more joy this year more than they had the previous years. But the truth is, to get more out of anything you must develop a pattern that will promote such change. Now I want to discuss How to Make More money this year in just three steps.

How to make Money Everyday of Your Life – A new Year Tip

Simply put, to make money everyday of your life, “Develop the Capacity to Preserve Money” i.e Giving value to every money that comes your way.- Prov 11:24,25.

Below are my simple tips on how to make your money count and increase its value. You may think its religious or faith based, but the fact remains that it works perfectly just like the laws of nature.

Tip Number one: Save It

I know this might sound awkward to most people, but if really want your money to increase its value – Save It. When i say save it, you should have in mind that your money should be saved at least in something that can be easily converted into liquid cash. Because we all need physical cash. So to make money everyday of your life, learn how to save money. Let at least (10-20)% go into a personal savings that can be converted to raw cash anytime, anywhere.

Tip Number Two : Sow It

Yes, Sow it, Sowing can also mean invest it. Here is where most people miss it, many of us end up saving more than we should per time. There is need to invest our cash, be it in a business, share, or into a venture where it will give returns. This is the secret of the rich. To remain wealthy you must buy into this principle ( the principle of compound interest). Religious teachers will tell you pay tithes, Business people will say, buy shares, others may call it putting your money to work for you. Make sure a certain percentage of your income is in the mission of bringing in more money.

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Finally, to make money everyday of your life and improve the value of your money;

Spend It

Spend money, Be willing to spend money. A wise fellow said, …you spend money to get money. If you want to make money everyday of your life, then spend money. What you spend money on is the key to your success or failure in life. So what are you to spend on;

  • Spend on your basic needs ( food, clothing, shelter)
  • Your family,
  • Education
  • Entertainment – things that makes you happy.

Extra Tip: Scatter It

Here is another way to send your money on a mission of yielding returns – Scatter it.  Using your money to favour and help others. That is you are putting your money where it is not directly to your benefit. This is what philanthropist do and instead of getting poor, they in turn get richer and wealthier. So allow some certain portion of your money to go into helping and solving other peoples need, especially people you are not responsible for.

In conclusion, Making money everyday is all about preserving the one you have, investing, and sowing it where it will yield increase and also spending it where necessary. I believe you have learnt somethings different on this my new year tip.     Feel free to deploy them and you will see a different year entirely.


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