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Yahoomail – stay Organized Apk for andriod is a unique email app one can use to easily organize yahoomail, Gmail, Outlook, and AOL accounts. its easy-to-use interface and lightning fast speed makes it the most exceptional app to use.Yahoomail - Stay Organized | Apk Free download | Create Yahoomail | Login

In addition, this app lets view the latest news and search the web from yahoo’s portal, allows for full formatting of email messages with italics, bold, font colour etc.  Before we lunch into how you can get the App, lets see what Yahoomail – stay Organized Apk for andriod offers.

Features of Yahoomail-Stay Organized App

  • Sign Up with any Account: yahoomail – stay organize app works with non-yahoo email accounts. This means you can login with your Gmail, Outlook, or AOL accounts.
  • Get Notifications From People Only: This app filters and allows you get notifications from personal emails but blocks mails from companies or Newsletter.
  • Send Multiple Attachments: it gives you the privileged to attach photos, documents, videos, to a mail, all at once.
  • Unlimited Storage Capacity: it give over 1000GB storage space.
  • Connect Google Drive and Dropbox: it guarantee easy access and add files to Google drive and Dropbox.
  • Quick Search and News: search across all your messages, contacts, files. it also gets breaking news from yahoo.

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Yahoomail – Stay Organized Apk download

you can download Yahoomail -Stay Organized apk by

  • visiting Google play.
  • search for yahoomail-stay organize app
  • click on download and then install app.

or simply click on this link to download yahoomail-stay organize app and click install.

Create Yahoomail Account

Now to create a yahoomail account, all you need is a phone number to verify you account. to sign up for yahoomail

  • Visit
  • put your first and last name
  • create a username or choose from the options provided
  • choose a password
  • put you number and fill out the remaining form
  • click continue, a code will be sent to your phone
  • confirm account with the code sent and get started with your new account

Yahoomail Account Login

  • log on to
  • enter username and password
  • click sign in and start enjoying your email

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