Get Twitter Account | Account Registration- Set Up

Getting an account on twitter is easy. so for the newbies who feel they are the last person to have a twitter account or who find it difficult signing up for one, here is a step by step guide to Get a twitter Account and start tweeting.Get Twitter Account | Account Registration- Set Up

Twitter is an online news and social networking service where users can post and interact with messages “tweets” in 140 characters, share links, opinions or views.

In addition, twitter has a huge user-base influence which most of all twitter users deploy to drive traffic to your market and create an identity for your brand. with twitter Account you can connect and start relationships with people of like minds, do business and get information on the trends in town.

To Create a Twitter Account

Getting an account or profile on Twitter is a great way to start connecting with others on the Web. Take the following step to create a twitter account to Start tweeting today.Get Twitter Account | Account Registration- Set Up

  • Go to and click the sign up box, or go directly to
  • Enter your full name, phone number, and a password.
  • Click Sign up for Twitter.
  • In order to verify your phone number, a code will be sent to your phone.
  • Enter verification code.
  • choose a username (It has to be fewer than 15 characters long)
  • click on create twitter account

Setting up Your Account

To enjoys twitter to its fullest and connect with your target audience you will need to put some things in place. Here are some of the things you can do to set up your account and freely follow and be followed on twitter.

  1. start following celebrities(people): you will be presented with some faces you might like to follow, choose from the list and click next.
  2.  Add a profile picture
  3. Edit your profile
  4. Write a short Bio of about 160 characters in the space provided
  5. click save

Now your twitter account is ready, you can now start tweeting.

Finally, you can download twitter app for your Android, iphone, and other smart phones from Google Play, App Store etc. Simply log in you username and password and start enjoying your twitter account on your device


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