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What Google Metaverse and NFTs could be


The concept of NFT is gaining moment, are we already seeing Google Metaverse and NFTs in search results? Here is a peek into what is from Google.

Google Metaverse and NFT here?

Image, HowAndroidHelp.com

So, I was making some research totally unrelated to NFT or the Metaverse and stumbled upon Google’s ‘View in 3D’ which was fascinating!

The search query I searched was ‘rothweiler dog’s and to my amazement, aside the normal search results, there I saw a ‘View in 3D’ button on Google.

I followed through and I was amazed at what Google was testing. Technically, Google Metaverse and NFTs are gradually becoming a thing that is inevitable. Watch till end (mini clip).

Google Metaverse vs Facebook Meta

Facebook recently changed its name to META with a vision to invest heavily in the Metaverse and we are yet to hear Google working on any related product publicly.

It is worth pointing out that, Google might not come out publicly and follow the path Mark Zuckerberg treaded.

Facebook’s first attempt at a digital coin LIBRA attracted a lot of scrutiny into the activities of Facebook Inc as a whole.

Google is smart, the currently control 91.42 as of 1Q 2022 according to Reliable Soft.

From inception, what made Google the most popular and trusted search engine is the quality of its search results through the use of sophisticated algorithms to present the most accurate results to the users.

The Metaverse Battle for Google, Facebook, and Microsoft is just but started.

Through the introduction of Blockchain technology, we’ve seen businesses grow from $0 market caps to $60 withing a span of 2 years.

The concept of Google Metaverse Token, Meta or Microsoft Token is not an unthought concept as there are heavy battles for the metaverse by these tech giants and the first-to-market advantage will be paramount.

Somewhere along the Metaverse is Apple, Axie Infinity, Cardano and even Shiba Inu – all trying to build the perfect Metaverse experience.

The Place of NFT in the Metaverse

NFT – Non Fungible Token will paly a crucial role in the Metaverse. The economy of the Metaverse will be greatly influenced by how far Minting of NFT can drive it.

The concept of decentralization of LAND, Buildings, Parks and gadgets to interact with the Metaverse will be paramount.

Just so we all know, Pokemon is also somewhere around the corner that has already been in this game long before a host of these Tech Giant.

Google, Microsoft, Apple and Meta are in a heated race to get their VR/AR headsets to the  market at an affordable price for widespread consumer adoption according to Forbes.

The future of the Metaverse will be participation without a VR/AR headset.

Nobody is talking about the Optimum Robots by Elon Musk and the endless possibilities this could offer in the Metaverse.

One thing is quite sure – Web3 or the Metaverse still has a long way to go and governance will paly an integral role in it’s success as time goes on.