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How to Create an NFT for Free


How to create an NFT for free and mint your very first NFTs is quite simple. Here are the steps we used to create a Non Fungible Token.

How you can create an NFT for Free

Yes there is a scramble for NFTs and many artists want to know how to create an NFT for free.

Incase you are hearing about NFTs for the first time, see this article on ‘everything you need to know about NFTs‘.

You might be wondering why would people be looking for a way of creating NFTs for free when they will eventually get paid for the same artwork? – Gas-fees!

Well one thing you need to understand about minting and selling on the NFT marketplace is gas fees which are quite annoying when high especially when you are not sure of the sale of your project.

Before you make any major transaction on most blockchains, you might be bound to pay a gas fee.

I remember trying to create my first NFT on OpenSea using the Ethereum blockchain last year – immediately I saw $100 gas fee, I abandoned the project!

You need to understand something, OpenSea NFT Marketplace didn’t set the price of gas fees when minting your NFT.

High gas-fees happens because there are millions of transactions happening per second; during peak usage of these Blockchain, the amount you are required to pay to validate your transaction skyrockets!

So, How to create an NFT for Free? Well, you will need the below items to get started.

Items needed to creating free NFTs

  1. A Crypto Wallet

The first item you will need to create a free NFT is a crypto wallet to connect with the NFT Marketplace.

Some popular crypto wallet that can connect with popular NFT market place includes Metamask, TrustWallet, and the list goes on.

  1. An NFT Marketplace

The next item you need is an NFT Marketplace to mint the NFT you will create.

Popular marketplace for NFTs include OpenSea, Rarible, Mintable, etc.

Consider the NFT marketplace as the digital market where you can sell an NFT, buy Digital arts and bid for some collectables.

  1. A Zero Gas-fee Blockchain

You will need a Blockchain to deploy your NFT – Popular NFT Blockchains include:

  • Ethereum – Ethereum has established itself as the most popular blockchain for NFTs. Being the first has its advantage with constant improvement to accommodate any project like Bored Apes Yacht Club or Cryptopunks.
  • Solana – Solana is seen as the second popular blockchain for NFTs. Many projects are deployed on the Solana Blockchain due to speed and scalability.
  • Polygon – Polygon is gaining momentum due to its zero gas-fees which has been making the rounds especially on popular NFT Marketplace like OpenSea.
  • Avalanche – Another popular blockchain for NFT creators is Avalanche.

For the project of creating an NFT for free, Polygon will be your go-to Blockchain. That’s what we used.

  1. An NFT Creator (App or PC)

Many artist and individuals that are new to the NFT world are often confused on how to create an NFT or turn there physical art works or computer designed into NFTS.

If you want to create amazing artworks, you will need Apps like Prisma, CC Express, Canva, etc.

If you are familiar with graphic designs, PC softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw and other Graphic tools could come handy.

Steps to creating NFTs for Free

Now, let’s dive into how to create an NFT for free with the above mentioned tools.

  1. Open your Crypto Wallet (Metamask) and visit ‘OpenSea through DApps
  2. Connect your OpenSea wallet to the Blockchain of choice, in this aspect, Polygon
  3. Click on Create New Item
  4. Upload your Art file (Image, video or music)
  5. Fill in all the required meta data like Art name, Description, etc
  6. Click on Continue to Mint
  7. After minting (creating your Artwork) you can click on Sell to add a price tag to your art on the marketplace.

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