Top Naija Music Download Sites (Top 5)

Are you looking for the best place to download Nigerian musics? Here are the Top Naija Music Download Site to look up to.

When it comes to downloading mp3 songs in Naija. My brother, there are countless websites on the internet.

I think this is why most people get confused on the right website to get just what they want, when theytop naija music download need it.

To clear your doubt when it comes to the legit place to download Naija songs. I have put together the Top 5 Naija Music Download Sites, where you can get any song title you are looking for. Fresh and Timely.

Top Naija Music Sites to go for

Before you get really anxious about this websites,

Just understand that these sites only make mp3 songs of our popular artist available to the public in a way of making them trendy.

So if you are an Artist or an up coming musician, you can make use of these music sites to bring your work to the Naija World.

So now, Here is my list of Top Naija music download sites. Note that this is not a ranking, as all of this sites have their unique and peculiar area of beauty.

List of Top Naija Music Download Sites

Below is the list and brief description of each sites and the type of music they are known for


Official Website:

Just from the name, you should know that this website is made just for the Gospel Music lovers.

So, when it comes to Naija gospel music download. This is where you head to straight away. Time will not permit me to do an overview of this website.

But trust me, they’ve got your back if what you need is gospel mp3 songs and music videos no matter the artist.


Official Website: is truly loaded with naija song to the brim that no day passes without updates of new songs.

They are more particular with Naija circular songs, R&B and Rap songs. If you want the Latest Davido songs, Olamide, Simi and others. This is where to come.

Also for your favorite artists and other celebrity news, NAija loaded also have categories to quench your taste gossips.

#3: Too Exclusive

Official Website:

Tooxclusive music download site was lunched in 2010 and as since then competed with other music sites. They are awesome at both Christian and other music downloads. Their consistency in bringing latest songs and music videos has made them stand out in their business.

They also have there share of the Nigerian population who are in search for celebrity gossips and trendy news.


#4: Not Just Ok

Official Website: is the number 1 Nigerian music download site with a testimonial of thousands of music collections to download from.

They also gives opportunities to up coming artist to upload and make their song tracks popular through their latest platform –

Feel free to visit this website when in search for the right music for your birthday and wedding celebrations.

#5: Hot Naija music

Official Website:

Music videos on the go, that is what you expect on a site like this. They are also popular in bringing fashion and lifestyle tips. Coupled with advert placing, here is the site most business owners advertise due to their popularity.

Finally, Music is everything. If you care to know what brings Nigerians together most, then it is music.

So, for your Nigerian music downloads, i am sure you will get what you want in the above Top Naija music download sites.


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