Instagram Best Practice – How to use Instagram Business

Here is a quick discussion on the Instagram Best Practice and how to use Instagram for business.

Instagram is no doubt one of the most used social network now.

Its popularity has grown exponentially that it has become a play ground for business owners.

Are you new to Instagram?

Of course no. Virtually everyone using the internet today must have seen or used Instagram. No wonder that common saying – “Do it for the ‘gram” is now an International anthem.

Now if you want to join the over 1 billion Instagram users and make the best use of this app to promote your brand or market yourself. Here is all you need to know about Instagram best practice (s).

Instagram Sign Up and App Download

Firstly, Instagram is open to everybody. The good news is that both the sign up and Instagram app download is free of charge.

Once you have a compatible device ( Smart Phone preferably) then you are good to go.

Below is a step by step to sign up to Instagram which is the first step to using Instagram.

Alternatively, You can use this simple steps as outlined on this Instagram Post.

Truth is!

Instagram is the “now” place to go when you want to check on your friends and family. You can follow your favorite celebrities or role models to see their photos and follow up on their everyday lives.

But because of Instagram’s popularity and with its over 1billion users. It happens to be the trending place to advertise and do business.

Thus the introduction of Instagram business for business owners, and entrepreneurs to take their craft to the next level.

Lets see below how to engage Instagram to grow your business.

Instagram Best Practice – Instagram Business Tips

Step One: Set up Your Account and Profile:

The first thing to do is to set up your business account.

This account is a little different from your normal Instagram account. But of course you are to use your normal account to set up Instagram business. ( no need of creating a new account).

# Set up your Profile picture: You have to add a picture that will serve as your profile image. This can be your business logo or any other image that represent your product.

You can do this by

  1. clicking on the little + icon just close the image on the top left corner of your device.
  2. Select the choice image from your device and
  3. keep it in the center of your image so it can reveal the entire logo.

That is all, the next thing is to

# Add some profile information: Writing a short Bio is a good way to let your followers or to be followers to know what your business is all about.

You also have the opportunity to add your business website. to do this

  • Tap on Edith profile just on your home page.
  • Fill in your information in the field provided.

With the above done, your Instagram account is ready and your profile set up.


Step Two: Start Posting your Photos and Videos

The Next thing after your profile is ready is to start posting new photos or videos so that people can find you.

This is where the main work lies,

The more useful your content is, the likely you gain more followers. Its only your good works that will attract more people to you.

If your contents are ready, below are the steps to post your photo or video on Instagram.

  • Tap the + button at the bottom of your screen,
  • The most recent photos or videos on your device will be displayed for your to select from. Your can select from the images or take a fresh one or record a new video.
  • Write a caption for your post (image or video)
  • Tag people, each person you tag will receive a notification of your post. So it is important you tag people that will help you promote your content.
  • Add Your Location: If the content you are posting is location based, you can add the location.
  • Share on other social medias: This way you can share your content on other platforms you have added to your Instagram account. E.g Facebook, Linked In etc.

With the above, you have successfully posted your image or video for people to start seeing online.

Step Three: Follow People on Instagram

To enhance your popularity there is need to follow other users. To do this, you have to find people to follow, you best bet is to follow people that are relevant to your business. Accounts that are closely related to your business.

You can use the search field so that Instagram can suggest to you the best Hashtags and profiles that are relevant to your field of business.

You should also follow your customers, when you discover people that followed your product. A good approach is to follow them back and from there you can have access to their friends and so on.

Step Four: Comment and Likes

Another Instagram best practice is to comment on others people’s posts. Adding your own hashtags in comment box is good way to improve engagement on your account.


Finally, you can also you the Post story option to increase your activity on Instagram. This stories only appear on your page for 24 hours. Unlike your normal post, stories are not stored in your profile.

I supposed you find this content on Instagram best practices and How to use the Instagram Business account useful. Don’t forget to comment below if you have any input and also use the share buttons to share with friends.



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