JAMB Exam Success Techniques – 3 Steps to Pass 2019 JAMB

Do you want to score High in JAMB this year?

Then you are in the right place.JAMB Exam Success Techniques

Because on this article I’m going to show you the exact JAMB Exam Success Techniques that will help you get above 300 Jamb score this year if that is what you want. … Of course you want that.

Truth is,

These proven JAMB strategies are what many have used to acquire outstanding JAMB results that in turn secured the admission they’ve desired in their choice of university.

Before you continue reading, understand that this article will do you no good if you don’t take action and put to practice every key outlined here.


Now, let’s get straight to it

JAMB Exam Success Techniques – 3 Steps to Pass JAMB once and for all

#Step1 – Adequate Preparation: The first step to preparing for JAMB success

This is the fundamental step to becoming successful in the JABM exam. jamb exam success technigues

A lot of people really don’t get it right at this stage and that is why they fail or settle for any score.

Preparing for JAMB is one thing you can’t get lightly or jumped into like every other thing.

It requires adequate and effective planning, that is why I have divided this stage into sections to help you understand better how to start preparing for your Jamb exam.


Note: Preparing for JAMB is not what you start few months to the exam date. It has to begin as early as now that you are reading this article.


 Steps to Preparing Adequately for JAMB EXAM

Here are 4 things that will boost your preparation process for JAMB so you can come out with an excellent result.


  #1  Decide on the right Subjects on time:

Statistics shows that 40% of students (JAMBITES) change their subject

combinations just before the JAMB exam date.



They suddenly realized that the subjects they have earlier

selected do not match their prospective course choice.

As it turns out, a great number of these students fail jamb because they

have to dumb the old subjects start studying the new ones and oftentimes they have limited time to cover up.


Here is How to avoid this;


  •     You have to first of all research on and settle the right subjects.jamb subjects

This has to do with figuring out on time the exact course you want to study in the university and find out the correct subject combination that meets that need.


This you can get from the JAMB brochures or your choice of school’s prospectus.

A careful look into this subject might require you to consult the help of someone more knowledgeable in this area (probably some currently studying the course) or visit the school website or administrative block.


  •     Select subjects you know best.

This might sound funny, but the point am trying to make here is that there are some subjects that can replace the other pending on the course you want to study.


For example one can choose Agric over Biology in some instance if you are better with Agric as a subject.

Note: You are to do this inquiries months before purchasing your JAMB Form or starting your JAMB lessons. To avoid rush and making a wrong choice.


      #2  Target a specific score:


Once you have carefully selected the various subjects that will give you your desired results.

The next thing to do is to determine the specific score range that will guarantee your success in JAMB this year.

To do this, you must have in mind the cut off mark for the school and department you are opting for (You can make your judgments based on past cutoff points).


Although this might vary pending on the overall student’s performance in JAMB that year.

Next is to assign specific score you want for each subjects you will be writing that will accumulate to the average score you need (at least your aim should be 60 marks above your department cut off point).

For example, a target of 290 is a good aim if the cutoff point is at 200 or 220. JAMB subjects

You can as well distribute the score to each subjects as follow.

You should write this scores some where you can see it before you sleep at night and every morning before you start your day. (Better still read those scores out to yourself each time you sight them).

The benefit of the above is that

  • It will help you plan your studying as will be expanded in the subsequent section
  • It will motivate you to study more
  • It brings sense of purpose to what you are doing
  • It strengthens your conviction and gives assurance of making it.

One thing every successful people do is that they are specific with their desires. Being certain about the score you want has a way of attracting your expectations.

There is a saying that the key to finding what you want is knowing what you want.

This applies also to jamb score, knowing the exact score you want in each subject will position you and your mind to getting it.

Failure to do this, is setting yourself up for failure.

   #3 Design a study Plan:

You can’t just start reading without aim.

In other words, there is a need for proper organization of your reading time and what you have to read if you want to get good outputs from your study time.

So there is a need for a study plan, a concrete plan for studying those subjects you have chosen.

This plan should contain an organized schedule that outlines study time and learning goals plus objectives for all the subjects.

A good place to start, is to draw a working time table for the four subjects, and then

  • Divide each subjects into sections,
  • Divide each sections to subsections or topics based on the learning goal (or the subject’s area of concentration as provided by JAMB)
  • Assign days and time to cover each subsections or topics
  • Draw out the best time and study environment that suits you most
  • List out the materials, books and other items that you will need for the purpose of preparing for your JAMB exam.

All the above have to be clearly written out in details and not just an abstract time table like the one in the image below.  A funny JAMB Time TableJAMB 2019 Exam DAte

Understand this!

You can never achieve any success if there is no set out and well organized plan you are following.


To help you appreciate this strategy, here is simple example of a detailed JAMB study plan you can use as a template to draw your own.


   #4   Get Every materials ready

I don’t need to tell you that you will need textbooks and other study materials like your JAMB past questions and answers, writing pads, a lamp, CBT software etc to study.

And considering that you will need these items to study, you are left with no options than to start getting them.


Here is the best part:

The more materials needed to study that you have in your possession, the more motivation you have to study.

Putting off the place of getting adequate materials is the mistake that most people do while preparing for JAMB exam.

Take for instance;


A student planning to read a particular subject on a Thursday night, only to discover that he/she do not have the JAMB pat questions or the right textbook make reference to.

This alone is enough to destabilize any student and encourage procrastination that subsequently brings failure.

Below are some list of materials needed for a successful JAMB exam preparation;

  • JAMB Syllabus
  • JAMB past Question papers
  • CBT kit installed on a computer (JAMB CBT Test practice software)
  • Writing pad and pen
  • A dictionary
  • Lamp, preferably rechargeable lamp.
  • Your study guide and time table
  • Calculator etc.


   #5 Register For JAMB


Yes, you have to register for JAMB.

You can’t pass an exam is you did not register and take the exam. It might interest you that not every students after going for JAMB classes end registering for the exam.

Many purchase the form and still could not register their bio-metrics till the closure of JAMB registration exercise.

If you must pass you must register.


#Step Two – : Study for the Exam


The only way to pass JAMB excellently is to study hard – No two way about it

Gone are the days when students hope for short cuts and JAMB Exam cheats that will help them pass.

My brother, this has changed and JAMB is now smarter than you think.

Studying requires a lot of commitment, diligences, time, and hard work. This is painful thing to do as it demands lots of energy and thinking.

If you really can sit down and do some consistent study and be committed to your study plan, be sure to get more that your target score.


The question is,


How can one make these difficult and unavoidable exercise –“study” easier?


Use a JAMB Study guide

Use these powerful exam success techniques to throw some live into your JAMB exam study process.JAMB STUDY GUIDE

Here is the top 5 Reading Techniques to follow;


#1 Study according to syllabus using JAMB exam focus textbooks

To do this, include special JAMB text books in the materials to purchase for preparing for your JAMB.

There are many exam focus textbooks that help you organize your reading in sections.

As explained earlier, your study plan should cover how to integrate this books into a useful tool to cover the JAMB syllabus.


#2 Study with JAMB exam Past Questions:

You can easily get acquainted with the possible questions that will be coming if you study with JAMB past questions.

Trying out the questions on your own is another way to test your assimilation and know how vast you still have to study.

Studying with past questions also help you spend more time reading with getting bored.

It also helps you to understand the patterns of questions and how to approach JAMB questions

#3 Partner with another JAMBITE:

You can leverage on other students preparing for the same exam as yours to strengthen your reading commitment.

This can be done by sharing topics or reading together after which you exchange ideas and try questions together.

Partnering has proven to be the strategy to motivate people to study. When groups of people study together they make much progress.


#4 Attend JAMB Exam Lesson Centers

Another way to improve on your study process is to attend JAMB classes. So many testimonies come from this strategy.

Here you have to learn from teachers who understands and are knowledgeable on JAMB exam pattern, who can easily guide through the process of concise studying.

You also have the oppurtunities to ask questions and gain clarity on certain topics that looks confusing.


#5 Practice with JAMB CBT Test Drills

JAMB CBT test drills are just the crown of how to study for your jamb exams. You stand the chance to know how to walk through a prototype of JAMB questions especially those writing JAMB for the first time.

With this, you can practice exam questions, familiarize yourself with CBT environment, learn how to answer JAMB CBT question with a computer. Master how to click and move your mouse around the computer screen etc.


Truth is;

A lot of people after studying hard and shows up on the exam day only to find it difficult to select the right answers on their screen. Many are thrown off balance by slightest things like when they mistakenly minimize their windows while answering their questions.


All this can be avoided if you take some time to practice with JAMB CBT test drill installed on a PC while studying for the exam.


Furthermore, you can time yourself why studying with this kit and learn how to manage your time properly.

35% of JAMB failures comes as a result of lack of sufficient time.

So, timing yourself while practicing JAMB exercise will help you master time management for a successful JAMB exam.


#Bonus The Game Changer Tip –  ( JAMB MTS Strategy )

As an addition to the above listed tips for your JAMB preparation process, I will like to introduce to you one working strategy that has helped a lot of students score high or at least get enough score to secure their desired admission.

I call this strategy – The JAMB MTS

This strategy is very simple, and just anybody can apply it.

It does not require any much stress, rather it make your success a lot easier.


Here is the gist;

The JAMB Master Trick strategy simply means “Master Two subjects” – MTS.

All you are to do is to just two among your four subject combinations (your best two), and concentrate on then with maximum attention.

Make sure this two subjects are subjects you love so well and have good insight to.

With this strategy, you are expected to study in-depth to this two subjects while giving little or no attention to the other two.

You will say, what do I stand to gain from nit reading the four subjects am about to take in JAMB.


Here is the magic!

If you for instant take, Physics and Biology as your preferred MTS subjects. Your aim should be to score minimum 95 or 90 for each subjects. (This of course you can get because you have mastered the two subjects back to back)

With this you already have an average of 180 or 190.

All you need now is a little above 40marks to say good bye to JAMB UTME for life.

Remember you still have English and maybe chemistry to deal with. Trust me, there is no way you will not grab a 20 points each from your basic knowledge of chemistry and English.

JAMB MTS strategy

MTS – Master two subjects takes its strength from the mystery of concentrated focus. If you can be diligent and determined enough to focus on just two subjects, you will call me to thanks me for this strategy.


Note: That this trick will only work if you are dedicated enough to study the two subjects you know best with the aim of scoring the complete marks assigned to them.


#Step 3 : Writing The Exam

This stage is the most dreaded one by most JAMBites.

Test Time!

Nobody loves to be tested because we generally fear failure.  And for JAMB candidates, the situation is not different.

There are lot of things that students (JAMB Candidates) worry about as far as the exam date is concerned. The list ranges from

  • Uncertainty of how difficult the exam might be
  • Failure of their system (computer)
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fair of failure

Well, I like to let you know that you are not alone. That is why I will dwell quickly on some tips that will make the writing process a lot easier.


How to Write and Pass Exams

Tip one: Answer your best subjects first

The only way to make it in JAMB is to grab as much marks as possible.

This can only be done if you start answering the subject you know most. With this strategy you will be able to have covered your MTS– choice of subjects before you get stressed or (before your brain begin dey hot).

 It’s mostly disheartening now most candidates waste the whole of their time trying to attempt or solve a particular subject or question at the expense of the subjects they are more familiar with.

You have to be really smart, you must not start with the exact first subject that appear on your screen. Skip the questions you don’t know, when you are done with the ones you know, you can now get back to the unknown. That is, if you still have the time.

I can remember using the MTS strategy during my JAMB exam, in less than 30mins I was already through with my mathematics and my physics was a work over because my brain was still fresh and full of energy.

Tip two:  Dislodge every fear or exam tension

Fear is the greatest enemy of mankind.

I have witness candidates failing just because they can’t control their fear.

It is ok to be scared of failing, but you don’t have to allow such fear to cripple you to the extent that you can even write the exam you have used months to prepare for.

Here is how to increase you confidence and send your fears to jail.

  • Ensure you prepare adequately for the exam. The more knowledge you have about a subject, the more confidence you have to approach the questions.

Also Practice as much past questions as you can lay your hands on. JAMB are known for repeating questions, funny enough you might come across familiar questions.

  • Positive declaration. Many people take light of this tip, but the truth is – it helps a lot. The only way you can control your mind is to speak words to it. So instead of being paralyzed by fear, convert the fear energy to speaking the scores you want.
  • Do not panic even when you have system challenge. A lot of candidate freaks out at the sight of the slightest system (computer) challenge. Under the tension of JAMB is the last place to freak out.

If you freak out?

My dear, it will take you minutes if not a whole hour to stabilize and gain your ground. Which is not a good thing for a one day exam that will surface again only but in the next year.

Simply call the attention of the hall attendants to inspect and change your system if that is the challenge.

  • Expect the Best: I will not end this steps without reminding you of the place of expectation. Expectation is the mother of every manifestation. What you expect is what you get, so think success, see yourself succeeding, focus on succeeding and you will be amazed at the energy you will carry throughout the exam period.

Finally, I did like to bring this to your notice.

You can do your JAMB change of Course or Institution after you have seen your JAMB result. I have a complete guide on how to do JAMB Change of Institution and Course you can click here to process it.

I trust this JAMB exam success technique is useful, don’t forget to share this with friends and collogues writing JAMB so they can get set for a successful JAMB exam.

I will like you to comment below if you find this article useful or if you have any questions on JAMB exam or getting admission to any school of your choice.


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