Line App Download – Sign Up Line Messenger

Line App Download is the basic thing to do if you want to start using Line App to call or chat up friends.

Here i will take you through all you need to download Line app and start connecting with millions of line app users all around the world. Here is the complete Line Sign up Tips and Guide

line sign upFirstly, I will like you to know that Line App is a social media and instant messaging app that features everything you can get on Whatsapp, Facebook, and Snapchat all put together.

That is amazing right?

Below are the features of Line App you can’t just let go off.

Features of Line App

  • File sharing: Here you can share any file at all. From photos, to videos, audios and even documents
  • Free video and audio call: You can make both video and audio calls for free.
  • instant messaging,
  • Voice note,
  • Time line
  • Face filters and effect
  • news updates
  • Invite friends etc

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With the above you can see their lots to enjoy on Line instant messaging app.

Line App Download

Line App is specially designed for smartphones but With the latest update to the desktop (Windows/Windows 10/Mac) and Google Chrome versions of LINE, you can now sign up and use LINE on computers and tablets.

So now, if you must use Line on any device at all. You must first of all download the app to your smart phone or computer.

The good news is that the process is simple and direct.

Line Free Download For Smart Phones

You can get Line app download for your smart phone directly from your device play store or directly from Line website.

  • Go to your device app store
  • search for Line app
  • Download and install app to your phone


  • visit with your device browser
  • locate and click on the Downloads Tab right on the menu bar
  • select the version applicable to your device and click download.

The same is process above is applicable for Line App download for computer both Mac and windows and chrome.

That is all for Line App Download. I trust you find this guide useful. Comment below your take on this app.





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