Developing Positive Mindset That Brings Fortune

Our Latest Article on how to develop a Positive Mindset that Brings Fortune.

Have you ever been in a situation when it feels like nothing is working?  Maybe you had a very bad day and all you feel is just to run away to your secrete place of quietness. This is understandable, and we all have been there a couple of time too.

Maintaining a cheerful facade on social media as never been an antidote to deep regret neither can it change how we feel as inner well-being is crucial to lasting  happiness.

Below are some factors that keeps us back from enjoying lasting happiness and how we can turn things around with a positive Mindset.

Our World Today

Life in this 21st century is now lived on social media through smart phones. Most people tie their inner strength to number of like and comments on their pictures or status. The earlier we realize that this is not what life is all about, the better for our mental health.

According to Patrick Austin, The following day-to-day issues distract us from the most important aspect of our life which is: our happiness.

  • Worrying (about almost everything)
  • Arguments (out loud and in our minds)
  • Criticism (resulting in self-doubt)
  • Fears (stemming from insecurities)
  • Complaints (venting out exasperations)
  • Envy (for our fixation with material happiness)
  • Apathy (distorting our perceptions)

Living in negativity and depression can’t do us any good. It rather limits us from living a life of self-confident and rob us of our potentials.

Attitude is Everything

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

— Winston Churchill

One thing that can helps us take charge of our mental well-being is a positive attitude and it is a function of a continuous conscious action on our part. Below are some ways to develop a positive mindset that brings fortune.

How to Develop Positive Mindset That Brings Fortune

1. Make that Decision

Anthony Robinson in his book, Awakening the Giant Within pointed how making a firm definite decision can transform our life and set anybody up for greatness. Maybe you have always being drained of your inner power times without number and you feel you can’t caught up with life. It is time for you to take that first step according to Anthony Robinson, and make the decision to turn those negative energy to your favour. You can make the decision to be happy all by taking your mind off those negative thoughts and shift them on positive and mind energizing thoughts.

2. Discover Your Personal Way Out

We all have a way we deal with our down time, everyone does, including you. All you have to do, is to design your own personal mechanism of dealing with your daily stress, disappointments and negativity using the best way known to you.

If your best way of dealing with negative time is to a deep breath or Yoga, try to build a mechanism with this and apply them to fix daily negativities.

3. Get Engaged

We have always had this proverb, that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Rather than staying idle and stalked to negative thoughts, getting occupied and engaged in some activity can be a more effective way of healing.

You can volunteer for community services if you have the time, or simply pick an hobby. Maybe learn or play an instrument, paint your room, or learn how to cook a particular recipe. All am trying to say is that you can simply turn that negative energy in head to any productive activity, and you will be amazed at the result you will get.

4. Try Daily Positive Routines

The easiest route to happiness is to practice those tiny little things that make people feel real good. Things like a broad smile at people when your eyes theirs, to lending a helping hand to a stranger will not only make you feel good about yourself, but will surely make your day beautiful.

Trying this continually and on a daily basics will not only attract more friends to you but will at the same time give you a sense of usefulness and upgrade your self-esteem.

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5. Appreciate Yourself

Learn to love yourself no matter what. Give yourself a nice treat. The best time to take yourself out is not on your Birthdays, but those days that seem to start bad.

Go get yourself that gift you have always admired, hangout with someone you really love. Do everything to appreciate yourself and the power within you. Let the spirit of self love rule your day.

“Remember that your real wealth is measured not by what you have, not by where you are, but by the spirit that lives within you” –Keith Harrell

Attitude is everything, author Keith Harrell expands that you can get anything you want from life if you can replace the negative attitudes with a positive mind set.

“No matter what you do in life, if you have a positive attitude, you’ll always be 100 percent”
-Keith Harrell

Trust you’ve found strength from this post, share your testimony in the comment box and make sure your friends get to read this this guide to use their positive mindset to attract fortune.


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