How to overcome Regrets and Enjoy Life

Life is all about making decisions and as such making mistakes is inevitable. The challenge now is how to overcome regrets when we make mistakes and move on with our lives.

So many people continue to live in deep regrets of  some wrong choices they have made at one point or the other. They stay so long in it till that they end up in frustration and depression.


Regret is the action of feeling sad, remorseful, or disappointed over something one believes they have caused to to overcome regrets

Regret is dreadful that If NOT carefully handled can will steal your happiness and motivation. Among other things is that, it brings guilt and shame which in turn dictates how we appear to others and ourselves.

Truth is, people often feel regret without having any evidence to back up that belief. We can feel regrets even without having done something wrong or ridiculous.


How to Overcome Regrets


The power of regret just like the devil in one’s head is in the perception of it.

Once you accommodate the thought that you are the cause of something bad that happened, you feel the emotion of regret, then the shame comes, next your body physically reacts and then depression sets in.

Now that you know that the power of regrets lies in the perception of it, here’s how to overcome regrets and move ahead  with your happy life:

Simple Tips to Overcome Regrets

how to overcome regrets

1. Look pass the present failure to see a new beginnings

Often time we build so much expectations into what we do or the choices we make hoping to get a buoyant results. When this expectation are not met, it cause us great pains and thus we tend to sink into regrets.

For example: think about a failed business that you put so much into. You have invested so much of your time, energy and resources, And just when you are looking up get good results the reverse was the case.

In situations like this if we don’t learn how to deal with its regrets we lose motivation to try again which then lead to failures and pain that in no distance time leave us with frustrations.

What you should do is to look pass that present lose, know that wound heals (eventually) in ways we can’t expect. Look forward to greater things ahead. Learn the lessons there in, knowing that there is a blessing in every lesson.

How to Overcome regrets

The situation happened to you for a reason. It happened so that you can learn your limits and know how to push through them—and more importantly to help you with your next dream.


2.) Is ok Not to be Perfect

The loss of NOT being perfect always leaves us feeling shortchanged. This is a wound fueled by regret that not only hurts us, but stifles us.

Forget about making mistakes, get in touch with WHO you really are and re-connect to your core being. Think of What makes you unique? What are your strengths? This is where to live in when it seems you are down casted with little mistakes. It is really Ok not to be perfect.  

In order to understand how to overcome regrets, be aware of how it can make you uncomfortable and unhealthy. You are NOT defined by your ability to be perfect. You are a collection of exclusive experiences your soul has accumulated.

Be proud of who you are, you must not be perfect neither are you to be defined by your world around you.

Make the most of your regrets; never smother your sorrow, but tend and cherish it till it comes to have a separate and integral interest. To regret deeply is to live afresh.Henry David Thoreau


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3.) Be ok with little regrets

Even though regret is painful, we still need a little of it. Often times, the feeling of regrets signals the need for change. Change in our expectations, perceptions, or goals.

So you will agree with me that sometimes we should expect some dose of it.

Negative emotions provide feedback for our unconscious selves. But we don’t have to let them overpower us. Allowing too much of negative thoughts and perceptions will cycle us around and stifle our ability to pursue our dreams or connect with the people closest to us.

So as much as you reject the feelings of regrets they can as well serve as pointers to help us know when to take a break or make a switch. It helps us to learn if dealt with positively.

Finally, There is need to learn how to overcome regrets in our daily life. You can take advantage of the tips above to turn your day around and inject new hope to your life when it looks like you are loosing it.  




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