The Most Predictable Way To Reach Your Goals

Goals can only be met when actionable plans are being implemented towards such goals. This is the most predictable way to reach your goals in life. 

For every goal that has a well laid out plan, there is a tendency of its actualization. So be it small goals like accomplishing a task or bigger goals of achieving great success in a business, or maybe to loss some weight. Planing plays a major role while putting those plans to work is the only way it will succeed.

Here is a simple guide to help you know how to chat your plans in to actions that will bring you lasting success.

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” – Pablo Picasso

The Two Sides of Goal Setting You Don’t Know

According to   in is post, There are only two fundamental measures when it comes to achieving your goals, and they are governed by the lead and lag measures.

A lag measure is a measure of the end result. That is when we focus on the end result of our goals. for example- To lose weight or to write a best seller book.

A lead measure on the other hand focuses on the actions you can take towards achieving those goals. For example Instead of setting our goal as “To lose weight” a lead measure kind of goal will be “To exercise 30 mins every day”.

Thus to achieve any goal in life one has to shift his or her focus from the lag measure to the lead measure. That of cause is a simple but yet the most predictable way to achieve any goals we set.

Identifying Your Lead Measures – The Pathway to reach your goals

Many of us are always caught up in our big dreams and goals, and most times we just don’t see ourselves getting any results.

Reason being that we often times unknowingly focused on the lag measures rather than commit ourselves to the Lead measures or maybe we are unable to identify and stick to our lead measures with respect to the set Goals.

You may ask, How do I identify my lead measures for my set goals?

This is simple, just ask yourself this question, –

  • “What is the one thing that I can do that will influence my results(goals)?”
  • What actions or routines  can i start to bring the result i want?

For example, When you want to lose weight, major lead measure are – how many hours a day do i have to exercise, and How much calorie should i take per day.

Prioritize and work on Your Lead Measures

After you have identified all the possible lead measures for your set goals. The next thing to do is to prioritize all your lead measures according to their impact on your goal.

You definitely can perform well doing many things at a time. Although lead measures can help you get to your goals but they have to followed in a specific order based on impacts and how easy you can act on them to reach your goals.

For Example… If you want to Boost Sales, some of your lead measures could be

  • Calling and Reaching out to more prospects.
  • Recommending products to people
  • Placing ads on social media and drive traffic to your business. etc

Once you are done brainstorming on the possible lead measures for you goal, Pick one or two of them and start working on them instantly. By so doing, you at getting closer to your dream.

Finally, even though our lead measures is the major route to achieving our goals. Our Lag measures should not be neglected.

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Your lag measure is the end product. They are the results of every lead measure you put into action. They form our motivation and defines how successful we are in the process of achieving our goals.

So we both need our lead and lag measures  to actualize our goals. Now, which other predictable ways to reach your goals can you think of? Do share in the comment box.





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