Small Success Habits that Makes The Difference

These small success habits am about to share on this post are simple habits i have tried over and over again when it comes to accomplishing big tasks or goals.

Though simple, but not exactly easy!

Guarantee is, if you follow them on a daily basis your results will amaze you.

Lets take a look at them,

5 Small Success Habits That Can Lead to Productive Changes

I posted an article on Simple Steps to Achieve any goal seamlessly, one of the vital step there was to develop a routine.

These routines or habits are the simple traits that distinguish successful people from failures.   Developing this habits will help you focus on activities that will bring you closer to your goals each day.

Below are some of the small success habits that i think will actually set a pace for your success.

One: Meditate for Two (2) minutes Every day: 

Meditation have proven to be a vital key to achieving anything in life. Its probably the anchor to most inventions if not all. An Habit of taking two minutes everyday to meditate on our goals, visions and expectations sets our mind up on achieving them. It helps the subconscious mind to know how important and crucial these goals are and thus keep them as our priority.

Two: Make Your Bed First Thing in The Morning: Sounds Crazy right!

The truth is, the state of your bed when you leave home every morning tells how organized you are. Other similar activities like, clearing your work tables, keeping things at there respective positions and organizing your activities for the day fall into this category. Make sure you take time to plan your day, this will set the pace for how much you will achieve for the day.

Let there be an organized follow up plan on your goal for the day.

Accomplishing this small goal of making your bed and it’s likes before you leave in the morning gives your brain a nice, refreshing spritz of dopamine. This good feeling is what anyone need to start his/her day.

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Three: Take One Task At a Time:

This is one way out of procrastination – the discipline of finishing a task before taking on another. According to David Allen in his book, Getting Things Done “…. If it will take less than 2 minutes, do it now”.

Learn to cross out (Tidy up) a few little tasks off your work list as regards to your goal first thing in the morning or in random space of time. This will create the momentum to carry you through the bigger tasks, not to mention that feeling of triumph that accompany it.

Four: Practice Day Dreaming: Here i come again.

You may want to disagree with this, but I tell you, day dreaming will help you come up with some creative ideas.

Daydreaming is a constructive Internal reflections, simply put – imagination. Trying this out each day can be real useful to come up with plans for achieving lasting success.

A brief daydream on how you wish to accomplish your goal will help you figure out useful ideals towards accomplishing your goals.

Note: For daydreaming, ensure it does not transit to unproductive rumination …-smiling!

Five: Review Your Actions Regularly 

A quick reflect on your actions as the day go by is a good thing to master. Review your actions regularly making sure they are always pointing to your long term goals.

If any activity you are engaging in per time do not in any way draw you closer to any of your goal, quit doing in and focus only on things that will cumulate to your overall success.

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Finally, The last habit i will like to put up is that you should try all the above listed routines everyday on a particular goal till they become an habit. If you make this part of you, then you are sure to experience the magic in small wins.

I trust you find this small success habits useful, don’t forget to share with your friends and visit this site for more success tips. You can also subscribe for our daily success quotes using the subscription box


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