How to Hide Facebook Friend List – Facebook Privacy Settings

Do you know you can hide your facebook friend list? yes you can. This post is for those who have been asking – How can i hide my Facebook friends and make my page a bit private.

Facebook Privacy has been something of real importance to so many people. This days, the fastest way to know about someone is to check on Facebook. People can know your choice of friends, value, interest just by looking you up on Facebook.

Hiding some information about you can be of great benefits, at least for those you don’t want to delete completely from your account. Facebook on the other hand have made things really good and easy, you can select from a range of options to hide, delete or control people that sees what you upload on Facebook at every point in time.

Do you want to hide your entire Facebook friend list or just part of them? Here we shall discuss how to Hide Facebook Friend List in simple terms.


Many people on Facebook don’t care about what goes on on their Facebook page. All they care about is to post on their page, like and share others peoples post or photos. Without knowing how many or which people has access to their information.

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On the other, some other people takes Facebook Privacy and security very seriously and with maximum interest. They really want to be in charge and take control of the people that see the information on their page.

How to Hide Facebook Friend List - Facebook Privacy Settings


How To Hide Your Facebook Friends List

Have you been looking for where to hide Facebook friends on the Facebook’s privacy settings? My dear, you won’t find it there.

Well, Facebook has provided a simple and very easy way for hiding your entire ​​Friends list or just part of it. The process is explained in the next paragraph.

But then, The settings will help you select one of several options to control which of your friends to seen on your Facebook page. Limit visibility to yourself, your friends or to a group of people. See the complete options and how to go about it below.

Hide Facebook Friend List from Facebook Privacy settings

  • First of all, Login to your Facebook account and then go straight to your Facebook Timeline
  • Now, Select the Friends tab on the top menu just below your cover photo.
  • Click the pencil icon (Manage) in the upper-right corner of the Friends screen.
  • Select Edit Privacy to open a new panel.
  • In the Friend List section, click the arrow just to the right of Who can see your friends list?
  • You will find different settings on the drop-down menu. These options include: Public, Friends, Only Me, Custom and More Options.
  • Click More Options to reveal more options you can select from like: Close Friends, Family and any other lists you or Facebook set up.
  • Choose from this options and
  • click Save Changes to close the window.


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You can see from the process above that you can also edit the people that see your page and limit the people following you.

The above procedure is clearly for those using the desktop version of Facebook. It works perfectly for your Facebook App. You can get this done even with you mobile browser.

Before i conclude, A lot of you might not know what the above settings means. A good understanding of the what each options stands for will help you know what settings you can format to your Facebook account. Below is what each options means and a quick clarification of how they function.

Different Options to Hide Facebook Friend List

  • Public: This means everyone, everywhere can see the names and photos of people on your ​Friends list.
  • Only Me: This means only you can see your friends and their photos, nobody else have access to your friend list.
  • Friends: Here it is only people who are on your Friends list can see the other individuals on the list.
  • Chat List: Only friends you chat with will have access to your friend list. This means, If you’ve turned off chat for some people, they aren’t included on the Chat List.
  • Close Friends: With this Only those friends you added to Facebook Close Friends list get to see other friends and have access your friend list.
  • Family. If you’ve identified anyone one as a relative, Facebook automatically adds their names to the Family list.
  • City and state: This means you can choose to display only the friends who listed the same city or in any other city you wish to open to.

Finally, Facebook privacy is specially designed for those who don’t want strangers to have access to their account. Also, there are a lot more you can do on Facebook privacy settings like; Edit, Delete or Hide Post From Facebook Timeline  also Unfollow Friends, Pages and Groups .

All this is are available for both desktop users and mobile phone browsers and Facebook App.

I believe you now understand how to Hide Facebook Friend List from Facebook Privacy Settings. Other Facebook settings can be found for both desktop and mobile app users. You can share this post with friends on any social platforms using the share buttons below.

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