How To Create Dropbox account | account registration

How To create Dropbox account | account registrationAre you New to cloud computing? “where you can share files online through certain websites” is one of such websites. This post will show you How to Create a Dropbox account on  for cloud storage. is one of the websites that can help you store your file and then you can access it anywhere and in any of your device.

What this means is that,  with a Dropbox account you can share your file, backup your data, sync files between computer and even remotely control your computer. That looks interesting, right? Well the process of doing this quite simple and straight forward but you must have to sign up for a Dropbox account to get started.

The procedure for dropbox account registration and set up is explained in the sections below. But before then, I will like to show you some cool features of Dropbox cloud storage and file sharing platform.

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Features of dropbox

Dropbox solves the issue of frequent emailing files to yourself, of constant dragging of files back and forth from USB drives which is prone to viral attack or even loss of files as a result of media damage or theft.  It solves these problems by making synchronization of files between computers and even other devices such as tabs and smart phones easy.

With your dropbox account you can easily transfer files to many users at once by simply sharing a link to that file and others can access such files through the link.

Some of the features of Dropbox are:

  • Free sign up
  • Free desktop/mobile App
  • Up to 2GB storage space (up to 200GB based on pricing terms)
  • Syncing of files
  • File sharing
  • Online backup

Dropbox Account Registration

Below is how you can sign up for a dropbox account

  1. Go to
  2. Click on sign up
  3. Enter your first and second name in the space provided
  4. Enter your “valid” email address
  5. Create and enter a strong password (this is very important cause is password can be guessed them your files are not safe)
  6. Check box to agree to Dropbox Terms
  7. Click on Sign up

with this your account is ready and you can now start saving and sharing files with Dropbox.


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You can log in to your Dropbox account and save, backup, share and synchronize files using you browsers  (mozilla, opera, Internet explorer, chrome etc). you can also download install and use Dropbox desktop App on your computer and enjoy sharing and storage with lot more ease.




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    Dropbox is a good service for sync. Check out this “cloudless” sharing service called Binfer. More Cloudless File Transfers

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