NYSC Registration – How to Download Finger Print JAVA (NYSC JAVA)

Hi Nigerians, Most people find it difficult during NYSC Registration to use their finger print device because they don’t have the right java installed to their PC.

On this post i will guide you on how to download the correct Tomb Print Java for the NYSC Bio-metrics registration.

I have discovered over the years that most postoperative NYSC corp members always find it difficult during NYSC Registration to do their bio metrics  even when they have the correct finger print device. Mnay spend days at Cafes and registration points trying to be registered but then to no avail.

The problem has always being that the correct java are not installed. The solution to this has been explained on this post. So follow these guide if you must register or help others during the next NYSC Registration.

Nysc Registration – How to Download Finger Print JAVA

NYSC has made it more easier this time, and you can now start and complete your NYSC online registration right from your room. Remember no special requirement is needed to register PCM online directly including the Biometrics Fingerprints capture. That is No Licence is required to register as a Prospective Corp Member.

Note that NYSC registration can be done with any browser, and your bio-metrics can be captured with a finger print device through a Desktop browser or the NYSC Desktop Client. The NYSC client happens to be the most reliable, easiest and more effective way to capture finger prints.

Now let us quickly go through the steps and you can straight way complete your registration.


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Prospective Corps Member (PCM) Registration Biometric Requirements

Here are the requirements for doing NYSC Registration;

  • A Digital Persona 4500Digital PersonaScanner
  • Java Runtime for Online Biometric data capture
  • A desktop browser or NYSC Finger prints capture client (NYSC Desktop Client)
  • See complete Detail or requirement here

How to Download NYSC Java For your Device

To download the correct Java compatible with your system requirement click Here and

  • Follow the option A procedure accordingly
  • Download Java here (JAVA 7) | (JAVA 8) and install it to your device
  • Also download and Install the Digital Persona 4500 scanner driver. See download link for 32 bit and 64 bit
  • With this in place you are ready to start your registration.

Furthermore, as an alternative for the above procedure. In case you still find it difficult downloading the correct JAVA for your device, then below is the surest method to use.


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Like i said earlier, you can also capture bio-metrics using The NYSC desktop client. All you have to do is start registration and when its time to capture bio-metrics you switch to this client.  Below is how to download and install this client to your device.

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Finally, NYSC registration can be done in any location. So feel free to use the steps above to register as much people as possible. If you have any question as regards 2018 Batch B NYSC registration, use the comment box below to share it.



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