Oovoo App Download – Get Oovoo Video Call App

Oovoo App is an incredible social app that works perfectly both on Personal computers and mobile devices. You will learn how to download and start using this awesome app to perfect your relationships.

Oovoo is a free video call, Audio call, text messaging and file sharing app. It offers free instant messaging and allows users to communicate from any part of the world. With Oovoo App you can start and enjoy new relationships online. Below is all you need to know about Oovoo social network.

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Oovoo Review

Oovoo like said earlier functions like a social network platform. Below are some of its features that has made it one of the most sought after app for singles and families.

  • Oovoo is completely free for all users in any part of the world.
  • You can log in with any device. Here you can log in Oovoo with your mobile phone, Windows or Mac PCs
  • Video call feature: Oovoo offers incredible video call feature that allows you not only to make ono-on-one video call. But also up to 8 people group video call at the least network strength.
  • Instant messaging and file sharing. You can easily record audios, edit photos and share with friends and colleague.
  • Easy access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on

The above is just a good number of things you should expect when you download Oovoo app to your device.

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Oovoo App Download – How to Download Oovoo for  Android and iPhone

This app is available for download in the Google Play store and iPhore App Store. All you have to do is simply;

  • visit your device app store and search for Oovoo app.
  • Download and Install app to your device,
  • Launch it and then do a quick set up and account registration.
  • Then start meeting and connecting people online.

For PC users, you can get Oovoo by visiting Oovoo official website at www.oovoo.com

I believe you’ll find Oovoo App really useful and fun. Comment below is you have question on how to use Oovoo app and video call.


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