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Hello Friends, on this article i will be sharing on 4shared cloud file backup and how to share file on www.4shared.com.

4share cloud storage platform proud itself as one of the best file sharing app that you can barely resist its features.

File sharing is one of the basic features of 4shared platform. It offers not only cloud storage for your files online and also the ability to share or transfer such files to other devices.

4share Free Download | upload, share and Download files - 4share.com | Account Set UpSo, with 4shared.com – you can store your important and delicate files for future use without a hitch!  Also, you can upload as much files as you wish to the cloud where you can easily share them for others to access.

A quick look at some of the features of 4shared cloud storage will be a good way to start.

Feature of 4shared.com

Now, here are some of the things to expect when you sign up for 4shared File Cloud Backup

  • Free File Download: 4share offers up to date movies, music, mobile Apps, images and even books of different authors and categories. From which you can download, it delivers trending movies, music, Apps, and make them available for free and easy download. Here you don’t have to be a member to download and stuff you want.
  • Unlimited File Upload: 4share offers a loosed end file upload, that is you can upload as much as you want. you can upload files of any time be it .docx, .exe, .jpg, .mp3, .mp4, .pdf, .zip, etc. just any file at all, but you have to sign up for 4share account before you can upload files. (how to sign up for 4share account is treated below)
  • Multiple File Transfer: you can transfer multiple files at once from your 15G space.
  • Mobile login feature: it offers a easy anywhere you are access to your files. with 4share App you can login to your account anywhere and edit, rename or preview files in your cloud.
  • Newer features: What’s New
    – New! Ability to download file preview instead of original file to save bandwidth
    – Improved UI: Download features
    – Instant access to all downloaded files
    – “Rename file” option for downloads
    – Optimized image preview
    – Ability to view local files

Finally, let me quickly give you some steps on how to upload/download from 4share.com

How to use 4shared cloud File Backup Free Downloads

Below is the simple steps to downloading from 4share.com

To Download Files

    • Ensure you have a working internet connection
    • Log on to www.4shared.com
    • Then choose your desired file from the categories displayed or simply search for file using the search engine.
    • Select and Click on file then allow it to download
    • you can now access file from device

    To share or upload file

  • Log on to www.4shared.com
  • click on upload file button
  • you will be directed to select the location of the file you want to uploead
  • select file to upload and click on upload
  • your starts and complete downloading

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How to Sign Up and Login to 4shared Free Download

  • visit www.4share.com
  • Enter your Username and password
  • click log in
  • you can also login using your social network account. for example you can use your existing Google plus account, Facebook, twitter account. etc to login if you are already have an  account with 4share.

To create Account

creating account with 4shared is very quick and simple. just:

  • log on to 4share home page
  • click on sign up
  • Enter either your Facebook, twitter or google account details and click sign up
  • As alternate to the above, simply enter a username and password
  • click sign up and follow the other simple process to complete registration

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Hope you find 4share Free Download | upload, share and Download files – 4share.com | Account Set Up useful. feel free to comment and share.


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