How to Recover Deleted Photos on Your Android Device (2-Ways)

Here am going to take you trough some simple steps to recover deleted photos on your android devices. This steps ans simple to come by only that you have not noticed them.

Have you mistakenly deleted a picture or photos from your android device and notice you still need such images. This post will help retrieve such images and get them back to your device.

How To Recover Deleted Files

The procedure explained here will recover any photo deleted but it may not recover other files like Music, videos and so on.

Now, i will show you two basic ways to recover images deleted from your android device. That is

  • Recover files from SD -card (memory Cards)
  • Recover photos from Cloud storage

The two methods work differently.

Method 1: How to Recover Deleted Photos From SD-Card

This method works well for photos saved on the SD Card. That is if you delete photos you have on you memory card you can use this method to recover such photo. To do this

  • Quickly connect that SD Card to a computer system
  • Use any data recovery software (like PhotoRec, Recuva and Disk Drill)  to recover the photos from the PC.

What happens is that files deleted from the SD card remains on the SD until it is overwritten by new file or data.

So if you remove the SD card and use the above method of data recovery to recover file before storing new files. Chances are you can recover such photos.

Ultimately, you can use EasyUS data recovery software for this purpose you can use this link to download easyUS data recovery for windows.

Method 2: How to Recover Deleted Photos From Cloud Storage

Turning on some data recovery options of some apps we use on our android devices can help backup or photos even when they are deleted.

You can turn to those backups to find deleted files and restore them back to your device. if you are using apps like Google photos; You can recover files by simply;

  • Open the app from your device menu
  • Select Trash or bin from the sidebar
  • Tap and hold on the images you want to recover
  • Finally, Tap on restore to get them back to your device.

You will find that there are options to delete photos permanently. Doing that will delete the file totally and you can get them back.

Finally, The two methods above are not the only way to restore deleted photos. Neither is there a guarantee that it will always get your deleted photos back for you.

I therefor recommend that you should always look for a way to back up your photos regularly so you can get them anytime you want them.

You can find below some cloud storage platform with free storage space you can use to store your files online.

Cloud Storage Platforms

Pcloud Storage – Get over 50GB space

Box Free Cloud Storage – 10GB Space

Mega Cloud Storage – 50GB

Degoo 100GB cloud Storage

Mediafire Online Cloud storage


So you can select any of the above storage platforms to backup your photos and other files. Do you have any other way to recover deleted photos on android devices? Use the comment box to share with us.




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