PayPal | Sign Up, Login & Learn How to Set Up Paypal India

PayPal India, Sign Up, Login & Learn How to Set Up Paypal. Here am going to be doing a quick guide on how to set Sign up and set up your paypal account.

Firstly, Paypal is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or make any transaction. Therefore, if you are working online you will be needing paypal to help you pay and recieve money.

With Paypal, you can shop with peace of mind, because your eligible purchases are always protected. And if your order doesn’t arrive, you are sure to get your money back.

Now, i will give a litle insight of what paypal has to offer so you can be really sure that it is Paypal that you have always wanted for your online transactions.

Features of Paypal Online payment System

Below are some of the services rendered by palpay

  • Online Payment: Here you can easily make payments for your online purchases without exposing your credit card details.
  • Debit Card payment is also allowed on paypal. This means if you don’t have credit card you can also use your debit card to make online payments.
  • Receive Payments. with paypal you can receive payments from oversees accounts. that is payment from any part of the world.
  • Secure and protected purchases: PayPal protects shoppers with Buyer Protection, Thus  you are reimbursed if there is any bridge from the supplier. You can also get refunded on return shipping.

The above is just a bit from many more services from paypal. You can visit their home page for more details on

  • Paypal Individual
  • paypal business and
  • Also, Paypal seller protection and partners

Paypal Sign up – Steps to Create a Paypal India Account

Below are the procedures to creating your paypal account, a careful adherence to this steps will quarantee a successful and stressfree account creation.

  • Log on to with your mobile or desktop browser
  • Click on the SIGN UP button at the top right corner of the home page. or CLICK HERE
  • A new page will open up. From this page, Choose the account type you want. ( Individual or Business account) and click on CONTINUE
  • Now, Select your country by clicking on the drop down arrow
  • Enter your email address and create a password for your account. ( Note, you might need to add one number or symbol to your password
  • Re-enter the password and click on CONTINUE
  • Fill out your personal details and phone number, then
  • click on Agree and Create Account Button
  • The Next thing is to Link your Credit or Debit card to your paypal account PayPal | Sign Up, Login & Learn How to Set Up Paypal IndiaPayPal | Sign Up, Login & Learn How to Set Up Paypal India

To do this enter your card details as follow

  1. Enter your card number, the expiry date, CVV, and Address. Then,
  2. Click on Link Card
  3. You can also skip this process. but to make payments online you will need to add a debit or credit card to your account

How To Receive Payment Online with Paypal

In order to recieve payment online with your paypal account, Here are the things you have to do

  1. Add  a PAN Card: You have to provide a pan card for online transactions
  2. Confirm You E-mail. During registration, a confirmation mail is sent to your email address. open this mail and click the link for account confirmation.
  3. Add a Bank Account: This account is what you will use to receive money. That is tha account where your paypal money will be withdrawn to.
  4. Choose a Purpose code: From the available option, select the purpose on which you are receiving payment on your Paypal account.

Note: you can do all the above from your dashboard.

Login Paypal – how to login to your account

To do your paypal login. Just

  • Visit paypal homepage
  • Click on the LOGIN button or CLICK HERE Finally,
  • Enter your PAYPAL account details ( username or email and password) then
  • click Login. that is all you can now start what ever transaction you want to make.

Finally, I will like to close with the fact that there are some limitation to paypal india users. This limitation is that

  • you can’t use PayPal money directly for online purchases or payment. Meaning you can only withdraw money from your PayPal account into your bank account.
  • An Indian PayPal user can’t send or receive money from another Indian PayPal user.

So, to address this you can always request your relatives living abroad to open an account on your behalf since this limit is not valid for International users.

I hope this article on PayPal | Sign Up, Login & Learn How to Set Up Paypal India is useful, always visit our homepage for more information, App reviews and Updates. You can share your view using the comment box below.





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