Textplus App Download – Get the Latest SMS & Call App For Android & iPhone

Hi Everybody, This post will help you through Textplus app download. It is a step by step guide on how to dowload and start using Textplus for either your Android or iPhone.

Textplus App

Have you though of any app that can let you make calls just with any wi-fi enable device? Well, textPlus has been the best way to turn any Wi-Fi enabled device into a phone.

What this means is that, with textplus you can actually dial a number on a phone that has no sim card on it and it goes through provided you have internet access.

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Features of Textplus App

Below are some of the features of Textplus App


* Change your number at anytime
* Select from any area code
* All for FREE!


* Unlimited SMS & MMS to any US or Canada number
* Create and receive group chats with any friend – even if they don’t have the app
* Send & receive pics, GIFs or other media

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* Outbound calls as low as $0.02 per minute
* Inbound calls are completely FREE
* Unlimited FREE voicemail


How To Download Textplus App

To download textplus is very easy. You can get this app right form textplus home page. You can as well download text app from your device app store that is Google play Store for Android or iTunes.

Whichever way, below is are quick links to download textplus app and start enjoying its numerous benefits.

Click here for textplus apk download

Click here for textplus for iPhones

Finally, you can access you textplus account on any device at all. I hope you get the most out of textplus app


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