Simple Steps to Create A Whatsapp Group –

One of the greatest feature of Whatsapp messenger is its ability to create and manage a group – Whatsapp Group of over 250 members. On this post you will learn how to create a whatsapp group and how to manage it perfectly.

A lot of people find it difficult to either create a Whatsapp group or manage one. Many wonder how people add them to a group chat and yet they can’t manage one by them self. On this post we have got your back if you fall in any of the categories above.

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How to Create A Whatsapp Group

The process of creating a whastsapp group is quite simple though you will need some simple understanding of how whatsapp works to get this done. Follow the steps below to learn how to create a whatsapp group by yourself.

First of all, you should note that you can actually create an unlimited number of whatsapp groups.

To create a group simply :

  • Open WhatsApp and go to the Chats screen.
  • Just at the top of the Chats screen, tap the New Group button. Remember: you will need to have an existing chats that is people you are already chatting with before creating a new Group Chat.
  • Next is to add your group participants by selecting them from your contacts.
  • Tap Next once you have finished adding participants.
  • You can now add an icon for the group by adding a picture from your device.
  • Finally, Add the group name(Any name you like for the group). Then
  • Tap the Create button to complete your group chat creation.

With the above carefully done, your Whatsapp group if up and running. Before i end this post left me talk a little on how to manage Whatsapp group.

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How to Remove Participants from A Group

Since you can simply add participants to any Group by taping on the add icon. Follow the steps below to remove participants from a Whatsapp group chat.

  • Go to any of the group in WhatsApp.
  • Tap on the group info.
  • Scroll down and tap on the participant you wish to remove.
  • Tap Remove {participant} in the menu.

Furthermore, On the Whatsapp group chat you can also do some other things like, Assigning group admins, changing group subjects and so on.

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