(2017) Npower Profile Update – I Can’t Upload My Passport & ID Card -( See How To)

Hi everybody, we have been receiving lots of questions and complains. People asking how they can successfully upload their passport and ID card to their 2017 Npower profile Update.

So many people tried completing their Npower 2017  Final selection data upload. And found out that their passport was not properly uploaded due to network or site challenges. Some others could not even upload their ID card and as such are scared what that might result to. Click Here to Start Npower 2017 Data Upload

The good news here is that, there is nothing to worry about. This post will help fix all these challenges and of course guide you on how to upload you passport and ID card correctly.


How To Re-upload your passport on 2017 Npower Profile Update

Do you fall under any of the categories above? Below is a simple guide to help you quickly re-upload your passport and also upload your ID at once.

  • First of all you have to login to your dashboard (for those who already tried uploading their passport). You can do this by following the steps
    • Visit the Npower verification page at http://npvn.npower.gov.ng/login
    • Enter your email address or phone number and click submit
    • Provide your login details including your password then click login
  • Once you are signed in, Click on this Link or visit npvn.npower.gov.ng/onboard on a new tab
  • A new page will come up from where you can re upload your passport( just like you did we first started).(2017) Npower Profile Update - I Can't Upload My Passport & ID Card -( See How To)
  • Upload Your Passport by attaching your passport.
  • Repeat the same to upload your ID card. Then Finally submit your form.(2017) Npower Profile Update - I Can't Upload My Passport & ID Card -( See How To)

That is all your profile is completed and you can start taking your training.


For those who how have not completed their Npower 2017 profile update and data upload. you can follow my previous post on Npower data upload to complete yours.


I hope this post help you resolve your 2017 Npower profile update issues. Comment below if you have any more questions.


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