How to make payment on Remita – Simple Guide

Here is a simple guide on how to make all your online payments on remita website. A lot of people are yet to get use to this new and fast trending payment Platform (Remita). Many Find it difficult to generate a Remita Invoice (Remita RRR)for payments, while many others can’t just make their payments directly online with their cards or through internet Banking. This and many more is the reason for this post.

About Remita – Nigerian No 1 Online Payment Gateway

Remita is a new online payment platform in Nigeria from where virtually all Federal Government, State and private Payments are done. Be it tax, school fee payments, online applications and other bank transaction (Money transfer) etc can be completed.

The good thing about remita payment gateway is that it is easy to use and accepts all Card types for online transactions. All you need to do is to generate a RRR code and your transactions is as far as am concern done.

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This post is a simple guide that will help you make any payment as such on the Remita Online Payment Gateway. Do you always run off to a business center to pay your bills? Enough of that stress, follow th steps below to get all your payments done online with Remita just with your mobile of desktop browser.

How to Make Payments with Remita – Remita Online Payment

Here is how to make payment with remita, I will show you just some possible payments you can make on remita and a quick and fast way to get it done.

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Method One – Making Payment From  a Linked Website (Remita Payment)

Here for example, you are purchasing a form online from a website and you are request to make a payment. If these directs you to remita website, below is what you will see and how to make such payment. (Using JAMB as an example).

How to Make Payment on JAMB Website Through Remita

Making payments on Jamb Website just like some other site is very easy since It directs you straight to the Remita payment Platform. To do this

  1. Visit Jamb Website at
  2. Enter your login details and
  3. Login to your JAMB Dashboard
  4. Select (click) on the specific item you want to pay for e.g Result slip, admission letter, data correction and so on
  5. Click on continue to payment
  6. You can now print or the invoice or continue to pay on remita platform by clicking on PAY NOW.How to make payment on Remita - Simple Guide
  7. On clicking on pay now, the remita platform comes up.
  8. select card type and input card detailsHow to make payment on Remita - Simple Guide
  9. Click on Submit
  10. Finish the process remaining with regard to your card type.

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Note: The steps above is the same for every website the links you to Remita website. Just follow the steps from Step 8 downwards as the step 1-7 may not be peculiar to every site.


Method Two – Making Payments Direct From the Remita Website

This method works for all kind of payments, it is of course very easy and direct. Below is how to go about it

  1. Firstly visit the remita website at
  2. You can search direct using the what do you want to pay for search field. or
  3. Select from the available options (see Image below) for this tutorial i will concentrate on (pay a Biller)How to make payment on Remita - Simple Guide
  4. Type in the name of the agency you are paying to in the first field ( wait for it to load the various options —next field)
  5. Now select from the options the exact thing you are paying for
  6. Enter your details as shown correctly and the amount you are paying. ( Amount might come up automatically if what you are paying has a definite/Static amount already keyed into the system)How to make payment on Remita - Simple Guide
  7. Select your payment option, proceed to bank if need be, or pay directly using your Debit Cards.
    1. For Card Users, Select your Card Type
    2. Enter the Card details as shown in the Image Above( See image)How to make payment on Remita - Simple Guide

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    3. Check the box for robot check and
    4. Click Submit
    5. Finish up the remaining things following prompts with respect to your card type.
  8. For those who select bank or internet payment, proceed to generate and print invoice then take it to any commercial bank to make payment. This option is more useful if you cant pay with your card or you don’t have access to card.

That is all on How to make payments on Remita Platform. I hope this post is useful. Do comment below if you have further questions.


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