Latest YouTube Features – Top YouTube Tips & Features For Android Devices

YouTube has always been the first thing that comes up in anybody’s mind when we talk about online videos. Be it movies, tutorials, how to, Music videos, adverts and so on. Watching videos on YouTube with an Android device might not give complete satisfaction but with some Latest YouTube Features there is nothing to loose.


With the increase in its popularity, YouTube has always been in the business of bringing updates to serve their viewers better. On this post we will see some immediate updates YouTube as added to enhance users experience with focus on Android users.   These simple tips and tricks will help you enjoy every YouTube video you watch from your android device.

Top Youtube Features On Android You Cant Miss


One : Clear and Pause Search History

This feature is specially designed for those who want all the videos they watch or search on youtube to be hidden. What this means is that, you don’t want people that have access to your device to know what videos you have viewed or searched. To do this

  • Go to Settings then,
  • History & Privacy and turn on Pause watch History and Pause search History features.

You can now clear current watch history and search history as well.

With this done there’s no log of what you’ve watched, and also no related content will show up in the recommended list when someone else is watching from your device.


Two: Swipe up For Related Videos

This feature helps you to locate related videos on youtube. While watching a video simply Swipe Up locate a scroll of related videos, tap on any of the video and it will start playing.


Three : Disable Autoplay

Often time we discover that once a video finish playing on youtube, another video starts playing immediately. What this means is that autoplay function has been checked on your device. To disable this, simply locate the Auto play toggle right next to the up next queue.

Latest YouTube Features - Top YouTube Tips & Features For Android Devices


Four : Double Tab Gesture – Latest Youtube Features

This feature is one that i really find useful especially when watching a long video. What this feature does is to help you fast forward or rewind backward video easily. To do this simple Tap twice on the left side of the screen to jump back 10 seconds (and on the right side to jump forward by 10 seconds).

Furthermore, you can adjust the speed (maybe to something higher ) on the app settings. Just

  • Tap on your profile picture and then
  • select Settings.
  • Go to General and select Double-tap to seek. Set to desired speed and that is it.


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Five : Adjust Video Quality

The quality of video you watch and how fast they load while streaming is function of the internet you are connected to. For lower bandwidth reducing the video quality will help video load faster. So to adjust you video per time;

  • tap on the menu button,
  • select Quality, and then switch to a lower or higher resolution as the case might be.

Latest YouTube Features - Top YouTube Tips & Features For Android Devices


Six : Watch later Feature

The watch later feature is one feature every youtube users has to start maximizing. Here youtube carefully sort out some videos with the newest video at the bottom of the page. You can rearrange them by tapping on the sort button and switch the date added to Newest.  To add videos to your Watch Later list, tap on the Add to Playlists icon and select Watch Later.

Latest YouTube Features - Top YouTube Tips & Features For Android DevicesLatest YouTube Features - Top YouTube Tips & Features For Android Devices

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Seven : Download Videos on Youtube

Finally, this has been one thing every youtube user have always wanted to here. How to download video on youtube so they can watch them offline. While, all videos on youtube are meant to streamed and watched online. But recently youtube has develop a feature that allows you download videos from youtube to your device so you can watch later without data. What a good news, but the down side is that video will only be available for a particular period of time after which videos will be removed from your download history.

To do this,

Click on the Download icon as shown in the image below, select the quality and video will start downloading to your device. From which you can watch it anytime anywhere.

Latest YouTube Features - Top YouTube Tips & Features For Android Devices

Finally, Youtube is till in the business of bringing more uodates to their feature to improve user experience. If you have other Latest Youtube Features not listed here, share with the comment box below.



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