Xender App Transer – How To Transfer Files to Device Without Xender Installed on It

Here you are about to learn how to transfer xender App from one device to another device that does not have xender. This post will also teach you how to use xender to transfer file from one devcie to another that does not have xender installed on it. Surprised how it works?  This procedures are super simple and quick just as it is discussed on this post.

How to Use Xender to Share files with other devices that dose not Have Xender Installed

File sharing between two devices that can run xender perfectly can be very easy and fun. But for other devices that you can’t run xender on, transfer of large files becomes slow and challenging. This Probably because xender is not contactable with one of the device or you can install xender on it. Here is how to share files with such device (that don’t accept xender) using xender App – the fastest file sharing app.


Step One

  • First of all Launch the Xender app on the device that has xender installed.
  • Tap on option ( ≡ ) or LOGIN to reveal all the available xender options
  • Locate and tap on Connect to PC / ( PC can be any device that can access wifi network)
  • Click on CREATE HOTSPOT (xender will create an hotspot network, and generate an IP address your pc can use to access your phone memory

Step Two

  • Now, go to the other device, and switch on the wi-fi network
  • Connect device to the Wi-FI network your xender app created (once connection is secured)
  • open any browser on this device and
  • Enter the web IP Address generated xender
  • Press enter on PC keyboard
  • That is all, Device is fully  connected with the other mobile device that has xender app installed. You can now start sharing files between them.

Note: The second device without xender app installed should be wifi enabled for the steps above to work perfectly.

How to Transfer Xender App From on Device to another

Enough of searching through your entire device file manager looking to transfer xender to another device so your share files. The steps below will help you share xender with other devices without stress of locating the raw file.


  • Open xender on the device that have sender installed already,
  • Tap on login and click on more to display other options
  • Now select share xender to other phones or devices
  • Select from the available options – Bluetooth, Hot spot , via whatsapp, Messenger etc
  • Connect the new device and install xender to the new device.

With this you can start sharing files using xender on the two devices.




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