pCloud Storage | Best Cloud Storage – Get 20GB Free Cloud Storage

pCloud Storage | Best Cloud Storage – Get 20GB Free Cloud Storage

pCloud is a free online and offline cloud storage that offers over 20gb storage space at no cost. Have been looking a means of keeping your files safe or the best cloud storage deport to keep your files. Pcloud in nonnegotiably the best of its kind. This post will guide you on how to sign up for a free 20gb storage space on www.pcloud.com.

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Pcloud allows you to share folders and files with anyone, copy social media photos to your account, and manage everything in between with a mobile app, through a web interface, and using a desktop program. Below are some of the features of Pcloud as a cloud storage option you can’t afford to miss.

Amazing Features of Pcloud Storage

  • 20gb free storage space at sign up
  • No limit to file upload and sharing
  • Share file and receive file from non pcloud users
  • pcloud mobile app
  • send files in form of links through sms, url, email, twitter or facebook
  • Can send and receive from from web, desktop app or mobile app
  • Support offline file sharing
  • Share entire folder
  • Maximum security for files
  • Backup files from facebook, instagram and other social networks

All the above and many you will stand to enjoy once you sign up for a pcloud account.

How to Start with pcloud storage – Sign Up Pcloud

To start using pcloud storage to back up, synchronize and share files. you will need to create an account and download pcloud for your device. Follow the links below to download Pcloud for your device.

  • Visit pcloud download area by clicking Here
  • Select from the categories at the top right corner of the window
  • Click on the download button
  • Install and follow the prompt to sign up for pcloud storage.
  • Also note that pcloud is available for both Android, windows phone, and iphones.

Login pcloud and start sharing files and folders with friends and colleagues, upload files from anywhere and access them on your mobile.

Comment below if you find pcloud storage as the best cloud storage you have ever used.




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