List of 2017 Highest Earning Dead Celebrities – See Top 10

Although they are dead, but their names still draws millions of dollar to their account Yearly. Here is a list of just published highest earning Dead celebrities By Forbes. On the top of the list is the music icon Micheal Jackson, He is topping the list the fifth consecutive times after he died few years ago.

Micheal Jackson was accompanied on the list by the Golf legend Arnold Palmer who came second on the list sweeping in $40million. Also on the top five are popular musicians Elvis Presley and Bob Marley coming 4th & 5th respectively on the list. Below is the full list of the top earning dead celebrities as published by Forbes.

Top 10 Highest Earning Dead Celebrities and their Worth

According to Forbes 2017 rating, Below is the list of the top ten dead celebrities.

  1. Michael Jackson, musician, died 2009 : $75million
  2. Arnold Palmer, golfer, died 2016: $40million
  3. Charles Schulz, cartoonist, died 2000: $38million
  4. Elvis Presley, musician, died 1977: $35million
  5. Bob Marley, musician, died 1981: $23million
  6. Tom Petty, musician, died 2017: $20million
  7. Prince, musician, died 2016: $18million
  8. Dr. Seuss, author, died 1991: $16million
  9. John Lennon, musician, died 1980: $12million
  10. Albert Einstein, physicist, died 1955: $10million

Others on the list of Highest earning dead celebrities are David Bowie also a musician, who died in the year 2016. He can 11th on the list with  $9.5million. Alongside Elizabeth Taylor an actress, died 2011: $8million and Bettie Paige, model, died 2008 with $7.5million.


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