Flash Share Apk Download – Get Flash Share Latest version Free Download

Flash share Apk File manager is all you need to send files at the speed of light. Have you looking for a means of transferring files of any format between devices. Here is the answer for file transfers of any kind be it installed apps, images, videos, PDF and so on between two or more devices.


Initially, Flash share was designed just for android devices, but the good news now is that other devices not operating on Android OS can now use flash share successfully. What this means now is that flash share can now be used by Blackberry and iOS devices.

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This article will guide you on how to get the latest version on Flash share for any device of choice. That is after reading this post you easily download flash share apk version from a reliable source. Note that any flash share not downloaded from the sources named here might not function perfectly on your device.

Flash Share Apk Download – Get Flash Share Latest version Free Download

Firstly, You have to understand that there are no difference between flash share and Xender. They both serve the same functions and can communicate perfectly with each other during file transfer. So as alternate to Flash share you can download Xender Here.

Now, there two major ways to get Flash share installed on you device and this will be treated in details below.

Download Flash Share App From Device App Store – Online Free Download

The number one way of getting flash share is through direct download from your device app store. Every device be it android, Blackberry or iphones have their app store where you can easily download apps that supports and works perfectly with your device. For flash Share apk download, follow the steps below.

  • Open your device menu and locate Google play store. For ios users locate Apple play store. You can also do this by simply opening your browser and type Google Play store.
  • Once app store is open, type in flash share in the search field and hit search
  • Locate the latest version of flash share and
  • click on the install button.This will automatically download install app directly to your device.
  • Now you can open app and start sharing.

Get Flash Share From Other Devices – Offline Free Download

Here, you can get flash share from other devices that has flash share already installed on it. So if your friend already has flash share installed to his/her device you can easily transfer it to your device and install it for free. Below is the simple step to transfer and install flash share from other devices. Note, to do this both devices must be Bluetooth enabled.


  • Get a device that already have flash share installed on it
  • Switch on the Bluetooth of both devices and pair them, so they communicate eachother
  • Now, locate flash share on the device A (device with flash share). You can do this by going to the device Menu >> File manager >> search for flash share.
  • Transfer Flash share through Bluetooth to device B.
  • Now locate the file on device B and install it. That is all You can now start using flash share on the two devices.

The above steps is the most reliable means of getting flash share apk installed to any device at all. You can download Xender it also performs the same function.




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