Think and Change Your Life – Simple Steps to Outstanding Life

Here is how to Think and Change Your Life, the journey of life starts with a productive thinking. If you cant Think it, You can have it. Below I will share a simple step to start the journey of creative thinking.

Think and Change Your Life – Simple Steps to Outstanding Life

The Best way to take charge of your life is to THINK . Yeah! thinking, it sets the pace for outstanding results and accomplishments and it is as a matter of fact the mother of all inventions. Have you ever thought of making it in Life?  -Yes, well that is why you have made it this far!

Talking about thinking, It is simply putting your mind to work i.e engaging the power in your mind or communing with your mind to produce certain results. God created you to replenish what he has already created (including yourself). He expects you to do the thinking that will improve, renew, refill or innovate on your personal life and the world around you, No wonder every inventions we see today came as a result of someone’s creative mind (thinking or Idea).

Now, you may be asking how  do you replenish the earth just by sitting down and thinking. Well, the answer is right in your head –Imagination! Permit me to say that imagination is the “big bros” of Thinking, it has to do with advance thinking – creative thinking. Picturing things just as they run through your mind. Remember the mind is there majorly for creating and not to store up things. So to replenish in any area of life you must think.

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The fact remains that you can’t be stagnated if you are a thinker, I Mean, “shown me a man stagnated in life, and I will show you that man who is too lazy to think.” Nothing meaningful comes from an idle mind. It is foolishness not to think, for thinking is the vital key for any progress. so if you want to change levels, then engage your mind. It was David Oyedepo who said “No man can work out what he has not thought out. Thus If you are yet to work out or discover your purpose in life, it means you have not started thinking.

Change Your Life

Know this, What you are able to think out determines your value in life and your place in destiny. I don’t know where you wish to be today, what i know is if you can change your wishes to creative thinking and put you mind to work pertaining to a definite path you are sure to get there.

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In conclusion, What is that one thing that you have set your mind to do just like those guys in Genesis 11:1-6. The good news is that God as handed over the key to create even  more than that which you have imagined. Get to work, sit back and put your mind to work through positive creative thinking and it is certain you will do exploits.    And if you have never imagined anything per-say, as you meditate on this write up, I see God giving you insight that will birth a new course in your Life.

Stay tuned ….. As inspired by the book – Releasing The Creative Power of the MindDavid O Abioye. An sure you are set to Think and Change Your Life using these Simple Steps to Outstanding Life Click here for complete Article


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