Windows Tips – How to Open Files/Folders With a Single Click

Do you know you can open files, folders or apps from your windows desktop with just one single click? Here is the tweak. We all know the traditional way to open files or folders is to double click on them but you can actually do this by just a single click. On this post i will give you the full details on this windows tips and how to make clicking faster, easy and fun.

Aside speeding up your mouse double-click speed, you can simply set your mouse to open files in one single click. Before i show you how to go about this process. Let me take you through how to speed up your mouse double-click speed.

How to Increase Your Mouse Double-click Speed – windows tips

From your windows settings you can easily set your mouse double-click effect to be fast or slow. Either ways it depends on what you are using it for, but to be frank with you everybody wants everything fast. Thus below is how to speed up your mouse double-click speed.

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  • Go to your PC settings,
  • select devices and click on Mouse
  • Now, select the option “Additional Mouse Option”
  • Finally, click on Double click Speed and adjust the speed using the adjusting slider.Note: you can also turn on click lock from this point. This will enable you to highlight or drag without holding down the mouse button.

Now let me give you the real gist i.e how you can set your mouse so that you will only click once to open folder and files.

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How to Open Files/Folders With a Single Click

Now to replace the normal double click with single click follow these steps as outlined below.

  1. First of all open your file explorer and then Click on the option View  Ribbon
  2. Navigate to the Option category and then click on small arrow to reveal options.
  3. Select on Change Folder and search options
  4. Click on General, and then the click item as follows section (the highlighted area in the image above)
  5. Check the Single-click to open an item check box
  6. Also check the the second option i.e the Underline icon title only when i point at them check box
  7. Finally, click on Apply to save settings and then Ok finalize.

I think this process is fun, You can try this options out and enjoy these windows tips that most people don’t use. In case you want to go back to the double click option, follow all the steps as outlined above and this time select Double-click to open in step 4.

Finally, i hope you find this tweak useful. You can post any comment question on this simple windows tips on how to Open Files/Folders With a Single Click instead of the default doule-clicking.


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