Europe Union Warns Facebook Twitter – Get Those Stuff Of Your Platform

With respect to an ultimatum by the European Union last year to Facebook Twitter and other social media companies to rid their platforms of hate speech or face legal consequences. European regulators has once again reminded Facebook, Twitter and other social media firms to remove racist and violent posts from their platforms saying “their patience is running out”.

Although, These social media platforms has since the time of this Ultimatum worked at removing voilent posts from their sites and tried as much to restrict users from posting such contents that violates the EU laws as regards social medias.

But the European Commission, EU’s top regulator, said on Thursday they are still failing to act fast enough. It said it would pass laws allowing the EU to impose punishments on companies that fail to act.

According to Mariya Gabriel – the EU’s top official in charge of the digital economy and society. “The situation is not sustainable: in more than 28% of cases, it takes more than one week for online platforms to take down illegal content”. But Irrespective of this, The Commission said it will consider implementing new laws to tackle the problem if the online platforms fail to “take swift action over the coming months.”

Furthermore, It said it wants the companies to invest more in detecting of hate speech, and work with trusted reviewers who are trained to know what constitutes hate speech. and also do a better job of preventing illegal content from reappearing.

It also admonish that, the punishment might be severe as In the U.K., a parliamentary committee has accused social media firms of prioritizing profit over user safety by continuing to host unlawful content. The committee called for “meaningful fines” if the companies do not improve fast.






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