Facebook News Feed – How to Clear Facebook News Feed, Unfollow Friends, Pages and Groups

Hi Friends, Here you are about to learn how you can clear your Facebook News feed. Unfollow unwanted Friends, Pages and groups there by making your facebook less distracting.

Are you a big fan of Facebook and already tired of the endless scroll on you facebook news feed and the never ending feed updates?. Maybe Your facebook News feed is always cluttered with unwanted news and thus not giving you room to even see more of what you actually wanted. Here is a full detail of how to clear facebook news feed, Unfollow friends, pages and group so you can concentrate on pages, groups and people who’s feed you find interesting.

How to Clear your Facebook News Feed

Here is the first think to do if you really want to free up your Facebook News feed in other to accomodate only few friends you want to always be seeing their updates. There are a couple of things you can remove from your facebook news feed. These includes

  • Unfollow friends, pages and groups. This does not mean you are unfriending anybody. This only means that your news feed will no more be displaying there daily posts and news.
  • Removing all suggested posts, pages and videos

Note: All this can only be done on desktop browsers. This means you will have to login facebook from a PC and not smart phones. Also, you should know that once the above are done, the effect is applicable to even facebook on your smart phones.

Firstly, I will like to take them one after the other according to how they are listed. All that is required of you is to install few extensions to your PC browser.

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Unfollow Friends, Pages and Groups

The first of them all is to unfollow friends, some pages and groups you might not need their updates. Of course there are many unwanted pages. Friends whom you really do not know or desire that their updates always come up on your Facebook News feed. So here is a simple way to unfollow this sets.

  • Download and install Google Chrome Browser to your PC
  • The next is to download and install a chrome extension called Nudge. You can download Nudge Here
  • Now, visit www.facebook.com with this browser. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to locate a banner telling you to Unfollow Everything.
  • Click the banner and follow the process to unfollow friends, groups and pages.
  • This will start unfollowing freinds, pages and groups. Once the process is completed, Refresh or reload your facebook and you will not see those unwanted news anymore.

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Remove Suggested Posts and Video

This step is just as easy as the previous one, it also needs to download and install a facebook extension before your can apply it. This time you will need an extension called Social Fixer. So click here to Download social fixer  for your device and follow the steps below to Remove facebook suggested Post and Videos.

  • With your browser, load facebook and login with your details.
  • Now from your facebook page, locate and click on the social fixer settings icon just at the top right hand corner of your page.
  • Go to social fixer option and Select Hide posts
  • Type in – A video you may like in the box.
  • Futhermore, go to Filters. and under filter subscriptions you can hide sponsored/suggested posts and also the people you may know.

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Finally, Having done this. You can reload your Facebook page and that is it, your Facebook news feed is now very clear. Feel free to share your comments, lets know if you find this post useful.




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