How to Combine All your Email Accounts Into a Single Account

Many of us have more than one email addresses that we have opened over the years. Now we most often find it difficult to manage this accounts all at the same time. On this article i will be guiding you on how to manage all your email accounts irrespective of the platforms into one single inbox. This means you can manage your yahoo mail, gmail, Aol mail, Outlook, Yandex mail and so on all form one inbox and send, and receive mail from on place on the web.

SO if you find checking all your mails from all your different webmail servers every morning stressful. Then you have take a look at this easier means to get all your accounts right into one inbox.

Platforms to Combine multiple Email Accounts into a Single Account

The good news is that all the major web mail service providers has made it possible for you to combine your email accounts to one inbox. As in you can combine your Yahoomail, Outlook, Yandex, AOL all into one Gmail account. Also you can also combine the others all into a Yahoomail account, or into Outlook and so on. Thus below are the webmail servers that allows you combine other mails into one singular inbox and you use them as the primary email.

  1. Gmail – Gmailify
  2. Yahoomail
  3. Outlook
  4. Yandex
  5. Aol

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Here, I will dwell on how you can get this done using Outlook web mail as the primary email while we add other emails as secondary mail. That is to receive and send mails to and from the secondary mails right from your outlook account.

Outlook – How to combine Multiple Mails into an Outlook Account

Like i said using this method means Outlook will be the primary email while others will be combined to your Outlook account. Follow the steps below to get this done.

  • Login to your Outlook Account
  • Then go to settings by clicking the gear icon and select Options.
  • Go to Accounts and select Connected Accounts.
  • Locate the option to add a Gmail account or any other kind of account under the Add an Email Account
  • You will be required to login to your email address so you can give control to outlook over the other accounts you added. This means that Outlook will be able to read, send, delete, and manage your email messages.

Note: You’ll locate all added accounts under Manage your connected accounts. From where you can also edit, refresh, and delete accounts using the buttons directly above the list of email accounts.

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Finally, This process is the same if you are using Gmail as the primary account or yahoomail. All you have to do is login with either yahoo, gmail, or yandex and go to options to add and connect other email accounts.

I believe you find this post useful, now go ahead and merge all your email accounts right into one inbox and control all your mail, send and delete mail from one single inbox. Comment below if you have other methods on How to Combine All your Email Accounts Into a Single Account



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