How to Set Up a New Laptop | Setting Up A New PC

Hello, I am a big fan of laptops though more people now preffer tablets because of its portability. Laptops are more are more powerful than desktop PCs, of course they are all a matter of the configuration. Well, on this post am going to show you few things you must do with your brand new Laptop or PC as the case may be. So feel free and follow up on how to set up a new laptop – setting up a New PC.

Things You Must DO in Setting Up a New PC

Below is a quick ride on the things you have to put in place on your brand new laptop or desktop computer.

Update the Operating System:

This key for every brand new PC you get. Believe me any laptop you get be it from a store or an online market must spent a couple of time on the shelf. SO there is need to update the OS immediately to meet up with the current version. All you have to do is to turn on the windows updates and get things updated. This will really help the performance of the new PC

Uninstalled Unwanted Softwares:

This of course will not take much of your time. There so many pre-installed softwares that might not be useful to you, examples of such are games, and other performace monitoring softwares. They take most of your hard drive space, so there is need to remove them from slowing down your PC.

Install an Anti-virus:

Everybody knows your laptop will need an anti-virus but still most people still go ahead any start using their pc without installing one. This is not a good risk to take, get an anti-virus for your PC there so many of them you can pick from.

Optimize your power settings:

This more important for brand new laptops, The battery life of a laptop is a big deal. So you have to make sure you set up the power usage so your cell can last you longer. You can do this by reducing the screen brightness, adjust hibernate or sleep modes. Also avoid some software that requires more battery usage like Chrome browser – Smilling..

Set up an Automatic Backup System

Either you find a cloud based backup storage or System Restore, Backup and Restore. The important thing is that you cant afford to loose your files to system theft of crash. So you have to have a backup plan. There are so many cloud storage platforms you can choose from, so make sure you have this just from the on set.

Customize system Settings

With all the above in place, now you can customize the pc to suit your desire. You can set the themes, display pictures, storage directories, passwords and so on. With this i believe your pc is good to go, note you can install more app you will be needing like other browsers, office tools and so on.

Finally, always find time to fragmentize your pc once in a while. Do a quick scan with your anti virus to keep your laptop always save and sound. I hope you find this tips on How to Set Up a New Laptop | Setting Up A New PC useful. Always visit our Homepage for more updates and how to.


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