Download Scorp App | Get Scorp the Latest Social Network –

Meet new people and chat anonymously on Scorp social network. Scorp is the latest and the fastest growing social network with the best selfie video feature. It is a new product powered by amazon web services. On this article i will take you through everything about Scorp app and how to download Scorp app for free start meeting new people.

Features of Scorp Mobile App

Now let me take through some of the things you will stan to gain on the uprising social network. Below are the key features of scorp socila network.

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  • Free sign up and app download
  • Full screen selfie videos
  • share videos to other social networks
  • Following and being followed just like in twiter
  • Discover trending news and Topics


  • Allows for only 15 sec video recording- which is not enough to talk about a topic
  • Available for few languages

Now let us go through i to sign up and download scorp to your device and start having a good time on scorp social network. With scorp account you can easily see other users profile, view videos and comment on their videos.

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Sign up Scorp Social Network

Scorp sign up and registration is completely free, all you need is a valid email address or a facebook account details. Follow the steps below to sign up to scorp social network.

  • Firstly, visit scorp official website using this using this link
  • Now click on the Log in/ sign up button at the top right corner of your window
  • From the window that comes up, enter your details and click sign up. Note you can also sign up using your facebook account by clicking on Sign up with facebook button.

Download Scorp App | Get Scorp the Latest Social Network -

Futher more, for those that already member of scorp social network. To login you can use the same process above, bt this time you enter your scorp account details and hit the Sign in button.

Scorp App Download

To download scorp app for your smart phone;

  • Visit
  • Scroll down to locate the the download area.
  • You can now click on the download button applicable to your device ( iPhone, Android, or Windows smartphones).
  • This will take you to your device app store, from there click on install to install app to your device.

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You can also get this app directly scorp for android from google play store by searching for scorp on the homepage.

Finally, Scorp is a fast growing platform to meet new people and follow your favourite stories and topics.

Use the comment box below to share with us your experience using scorp.



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