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Login Yandex | sign up Yandex Free Account. On this post I will guide you on how to sign up and complete yandex free account registration. This post will also take you through Yandex login and the process of setting up your yandex account.

Firstly, Yandex is one of the fast growing serach engine company based in Rusia. They offer numerous services which one of them is web mail services, where they offer users over 15GB storage space to upload and save files. Below are the features of Yandex mail.

Features of Yandex mail

  • Yandex mail is free
  • It offers up to 15gb storage space
  • Comes with mobile app
  • Yandex disk, Map and Contact
  • Ability to add other mail box (e.g Yahoo, gmail can be integrated with yandex mail)
  • Fast Email delivery with perfect interface
  • Security and spam detection

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Sign Up Yandex Mail – Yandex Mail Account Registration

On this paragrapgh i will show you in few steps the process of starting and completeing Yandex account registration. Thus, To sign up for yandex account all you need is to;

  • Visit Yandex official website at www.yandex.com
  • Click on Mail from the home page, or just follow this link (this will take you to yandex mail )
  • Now click on the Create Account button to start the registration process
  • Fill out the form presented to you will the matching information
  • Ensure you choose a strong but easy password that you can easily remember
  • Add you mobile number  and click send code. A confirmation code will be sent to your number, enter code in the field provided and
  • Finally, click Register to submit your form. That is all, your account is ready for use.

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Login Yandex Mail

The process of logining to your mail is quite simple, just follow the first two steps above and

  • enter your username and password
  • Then click login

You can also get the yandex app for your mobile devices from thesame plat form, to do this;

  • visit Yandex mail with your mobile or desktop browser
  • Just type in you mobile now in the field provided and click SEND. A download link will be sent to your phone from which you can download yandex app that is conpactible with your phone.
  • Alternatively, you can click on the Google Play, or App store buttons on that page to download yandex app for Android and iPhone device respectively.

Finally, If you are looking for a hitch free webmail service that loads very fast anytime, on any device, Yandex is very nice option. Simply follow the steps as explained above to sign up, Login Yandex, and enjoy its limitless features.

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Hope you find this article useful, Use the comment box to share your view concerning Yandex mail service. Always visit www.fidelz.com for other webmail services.


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