Talky Video Conferencing – Best Video Call, Screen Sharing Platform

Talky – best video Call. Talky Video Conferencing is one of the best Video chat and screen sharing App. It is simple technology built on Open-source technologies and allows up to 15 people in a video conversation session

On this article you will learn how to join or host meetings using Talky video conferencing app. The Good thing about this platform is that no log in is required to join a video chat and share you screen with others.

Talky is a video chat app or software that allows a group of people easily communicate at the comfort of their home. Just like Talky slogan, They have make the world a little smaller as you can now connect with family and friends video calling and chatting with them on the go. further more, Talky is free to use and very simple to play with.

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I did like to do a quick review of the features of Talky – Best video chat. This will give you an insight of what makes talky stand out from other platforms that offers video conferencing.

Key Features of Talky Video Conferencing  – Best Video call platform

Here are some of the PROs of Talky video chat, these among others makes it one of the best of all video call and conferencing platforms and apps.

  • Group Video Chat: Here you can add over fifteen people to a conversation with everyone seeing each other and communicating perfectly.
  • Screen Sharing: This is another powewrful feature of this platform as it allows individuals in a conversation to share their screen for others to see. This feature help a great deal in presenting reports in a conference call. You can share task among colleagues if you are using Talky for board meetings.
  • Talky Lock Rooms: You can also limit the number of people that join a conversation with lock room feature. It has an enhenced privacy and security.
  • Talky Mobile App: Apart from being used on windows desktop devices, Talky can also be used on mobile browsers. More importantly, it also available for iOS devices. So you can get app at App Store and install it direct to your mobile device (iphone or iPad).
  • Other features includes, Customizable Links,
  • User friendly interface.
  • No registration is needed to join a coversation, and Finally,
  • It is based on Open source platform. so it is free. I mean totally free to start a group or join a conversation.

Now, Let go straight to how you can start using this platform to host or join a meeting or coversation. The process is just very simple, no special skill is needed.

How to use Talky Best video Call Platform

All you need to start using Talky, or let me say to host or join a conversation using Talky is just an internet browser and internet network. If you have this on ground, follow the steps below to host a meeting ( conversation ) with Talky platform.

To Start Chatting Now;

  • Visit Talky website with your Browser ( mobile or Desktop browser)
  • Now, choose a room name and type it in the field provided and then click on the button Start a Chat.
  • Next is you send or share the room link with the people you want to invite to the meeting or conference call.
  • Once they get the link and click on it, That is all, you have succefully started a vidoe conversation. Finally, You can now start chatting.

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Finally, Let me Conclude by saying that Talky is an awesome platform for starting a quick video conference call. Its ability to share screen makes it more useful in the business world and as an open source platform it is open for anyone to use. So try Talky today and experience another level of Video Conferencing with the Talky Video Conferencing – Best Video Call, Screen Sharing Platform.

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