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Hi – You are about to learn how to Undo Sent Mail on Your Outlook mail account. Login Outlook – Send Mail | Undo Sent Mail – outlook.live.com. There is no doubt you must have in a way or the other mistakenly sent a mail from your outlook account that you wish you can just cancel it immediately. confirmed you have been there right?

This post will serve as simple reminder on how to login outlook, send mails using your outlook account, and most importantly, How to undo a sent mail before it gets to your recipient. The method for undoing sent mail discussed here is also available in some other webmail service providers. But it is just an alternative method to recall your sent mail since the perfect recall method.

Outlook is an amazing webmail service with numerous features. Its well desined and beatiful interface is totally  unresistible. A quick look at the features of Outlook mail might interest you, and if you don’t have an account with outlook you can get one here

Features of Outlook Free Email Account

Here is a quick list of the features of outlook.com

  • Free Email service with unlimited storage space
  • Access to “one cloud” “Skype” and “Office online” all with one outlook account
  • edit MS office document live from your outlook account
  • Play Microsoft games and other Microsoft products
  • Mobile app for quick and easy access to mail etc

We have discovered that a lot of people find it difficult to login in to there outlook account. Some are confused and cant differentiate between outlook and hotmail account. The next paragraph will discuss how to succesfully login to outlook account which is the same thing as Hotmail account.

Login Outlook – how to Access your Outlook or Hotmail Account

Below is a simple guide on how to login to outlook and check mail, attach and send mail through outlook or hotmail.

  • with your mobile or PC web browser, visit www.live.com
  • Enter your outlook or hotmail username in the field provided (simply type username@outlook or user@hotmail as the case may be)
  • Click next and provide the password for your account
  • then login to access your mail. from with you can attach and send mail. Note once you are logged in with a browser and your account is active, you can easily migrate to skype or one cloud with that same account.

Finally, Let me now show you how to undo or lets say unsend a sent mail on outlook or hotmail.

Simple Steps to Undo a Sent Mail on Outlook

Now to Undo sent mail as an alternative to recalling a sent mail is very easy. Though there is way like i said earlier to recall a sent mail even when it has gotten to the recepient(doesn’t work out most times). But using this alternative method explained below can help a great deal to undo a sent mail before it gets to the recepient. you can achieve this by following the steps below.

  1. Log in to your outlook or hotmail account. You can follow the steps above
  2. This time, Click on the setting icon toward the top right corner of your screen to reveal its menu
  3. From the droped down menu, Select OPTIONLogin Outlook - Send Mail | Undo Sent Mail - outlook.live.comimage of how to set up undo send on outlook
  4. Now, to your left locate the MAIL dropdown and
  5. Select on UNDO SEND
  6. Tick the “Let me cancel message i’ve sent for” box and select a time duration (30sec preferably)
  7. once that is done click on SAVE.

That is all, by doing the above you have succeded in delaying any mail you send for 30sec. This time is big enough for you to decide if you want to cancel a sent item or not. With this setting on ground, if you sent a mail and wish to undo it, just click on Undo right on sending progress bar. see image below.

Login Outlook - Send Mail | Undo Sent Mail - outlook.live.comAfter which you can easily discard or update mail accordingly before re-sending it to whom ever you want to.

learn how to Undo sent mail in Gmail

How to send mail on Outlook.com

For those that are not used to the new interface of outlook.com, here is how to compose and send mail on outlook

  • Log in to oulook with your account details (as explain above on this article) then
  • click on NEW, from the two options Select Email message
  • A new window comes up where you can add your recepient, attach doccument, type a letter, do a quick formating. Edit contents with various formating tool, add color and so on.
  • Click the send button to send mail after formarting your mail to suit.

This is the most interesting feature of outlook, i mean the text formating, you can even use evernote right from this platform.

I hope you find this article useful, Always visit www.fidelz.com for app reviews and updates. If you have a contrary view or ideas to add to the above, dont hesitate to share with us using the comment box below.



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