Npower Test Update – See When You are Scheduled For Npower Test

Npower Test Update – Here is a detailed time table for the on-going Npower test. From this time table you will know the exact time you should be expecting an SMS invitation to take your Npower Text.

Remember, This Test is only for those who have successfully resgistered for any of the categories of the Npower programmes. i.e Npower Health, Npower Tech, Npower Tax, and Npower Agro. Should in case you have not registered yet, you can still Register now using this link

Now, For those who are yet to receive any sms inviting them to take their test online. I mean those who have applied and yet to take the test, This post will show you just the updated timetable for 2017 Npower Test. Thus don’t get yourself busted.

Npower Test Assessment TimeTable

Below is the list of Npower Categories and the period candidates are to take their test

  • Npower Tax July 15th – July 19th

Note: Application is closed for Npower Tax

  • Npower Health: July 20th – July 24th Candidates are to wait for sms invitation
  • Npower Agro: July 25th – August 1st
  • Npower Tech: August 2nd – August 16thNpower Test Update - See When You are Scheduled For Npower Test

Now let me quickly take you through process of logging and taking your test.

How to Log in and take Npower Test

To take your Npower test if you have received a notification, follow the process below

  • With your desktop browser, visit
  • Then, click on TEST on the top menu or simply click here
  • Select your category either Npower health, Npower Agro, or Npower Tech as the case may be.
  • Now, enter your mobile phone number (the one use during Npower Registration) and BVN then
  • Sign in to take your test

Note: you must have received a sms invitation before you login to take test.

Extention of Npower Registration for Npower Test

Just as a stated earlier registration is still open for those that wants to for Npower categories such as Npower Tech, Agro and Health. For those interested in Npower Tax, Applications are already close for Npower Tax as cadidates have already taken test.

Finally, I will like to say congratulations to those who have already received sms and taken their test. All you need to do is keep your hopes high for the next stage. I hope you find this article useful, do stay tuned to this website for more information and update on Npower recruitment.



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